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Setting Up Real-Time Shipping - Weebly Help Center The Weebly Performance Plans are required for delivery in order to be eligible for delivery in time, and traders located in the USA, Canada or Mexico are eligible. RTS (Real Time Shipping) allows you to provide the most precise delivery cost and minimises the likelihood of underloading or overloading your shipment. Tariffs are calculated by the forwarders (USPS, FedEx, etc.) at the cash desk on a dynamic basis, depending on the distances to be covered by the order and its content (weight and number of cartons needed to receive the products).

Please be aware that RTS tariffs are estimations that may differ from the true cost of postal charges you are paying due to end weights and carton sizes. Please note: You can use a mixture of real-time delivery and manually shipped costs. In order to use real-time dispatch, you must meet the following requirements: Weebly offers United States Postal Service (USPS) and DHL Express master account services for dealers located in the USA.

Supplementary carrier such as UPS and FedEx can be connected. Vendors in Canada and Mexico can use their own DHL Express, UPS or FedEx accounts. When using your own bankroll, you need to know your bankroll information such as ID, Passwort, counter number (for FedEx), etc. Standard carton used to calculate shipment costs:

Size and maximum carrying capability of this case are used to calculate the overall number of cartons required to send an order. Select a mailbox that is most likely to be used for sending. When your real crate is different from your standard crate, your real delivery fee will differ from the rates displayed to the client.

There is a standard User Box for you, but you can still use it. The RTS calculates dynamic installments on the basis of the overall order item load. To define specific weighs, go to SAVE > Products and modify each item to create a specific one. PLEASE NOTE: If the order item weighs 0, Weebly will change the order item to . 1 (either KG or LS, dependent on your branch configuration).

As an option, you can include an amount of adjustments when you set up RTS to take packing or shipping charges into consideration. If you are a US merchant, Weebly has USPS and DHL Master Accounts that provide discounts. In order to use either FedEx and/or UPS, or to use DHL to send from outside the U.S., you must join your own bankroll.

In order to use your own trading area, go to STORE > Setup > Shipping and click Edit in the Advanced Settings section. Please be aware that FedEx requires your ID and meter number. The standard dispatch container is used by your forwarding agents to compute the dispatch. Shipment costs are influenced by the size of the case and the number of cartons used per order.

Standard mailbox measures 10 "w x 10 "h x 10 "h x 10" with a maximum of 70 pounds (a common mailing cartons size), but you can set it up. It is highly recommended that you use a standard shipment package format that best suits your product(s). When you want to edit the standard shipment cardboard boxes properties, click Edit in the expanded settings, and then click the Standard field to edit the measurements, maximum weights, and maximum number of elements for your standard cardboard boxes.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only configure one checkbox to be used when calculating your shipment costs. It is possible to change the number and size of cartons when generating shipment tags. The creation of an RTS dispatch tariff is just like the creation of a manually operated dispatch tariff. For more information, please see our Tariff Creation Articles.

RTS will ask you to specify a relapse recovery level to make sure that your customer does not inadvertently pay for free mail. Once a item in an order exceeds the max order value, the dropback ratio is initiated at cash desk. Sometimes carriers can fail and not charge the freight charges - in this case the fall baking charge is also used.

That is why we are recommending the establishment of fall-back councils. To use your RTS FedEx trading accounts, you must provide your RTS counter number. You will be notified of this number when you move your FedEx balance from testing to manufacturing. Visit the FedEx Developer Center for Web Services.

Information about you, such as your counter number, will be sent by email to the email inbox.

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