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Which tools, utilities and applications would you like to see work better with Weebly? Which are the main integration and partnership areas we can work on to enhance the site design and administration? Please use the following contact to tell us your idea and favourite tools, the more detail you can give, the better!

We value your input and your assistance invaluably as we develop these new integration and partnership opportunities. Keep up to date as we work through your contributions and make Weebly a more open and efficient place to back up your great idea!

LokalizeInternet - Simple website translator utility.

In addition, you can buy expert translation in different tongues. The absolutely worse application I've ever seen in my lifetime, if it was free, I'd say otherwise, but you have to be dumb to demand cash and still demand that the user stir a thumb, their too much work for a remunerated application... I'd rather spend up to 20/month on an application that does what Google can do translating, with a better outfit.

When you are looking for automated translation, you can use https://translate.google.com/manager/website/ and it costs nothing. Since I am not interested in mechanical translation, I like this application because it allows you to handle your own translation of your contents by translating them into different textboxes. But.... sometimes it gets a little more complex because the application splits the contents of a text block into several parts of it.

Creating my website in different tongues was very simple. By translating my website into the tongues I knew lightly myself, I used mechanical and technical translation to get some extra tongues. It took me about 10 mins of my speaking to get two different linguistic version for the website (and a few ours to await the translation).

Then the site was available in three different tongues!

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