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The Weebly shopping cart software is automatically set up when you create your online store so you can start selling immediately. Rehearsal week is pretty much what it sounds like. Following an initial interview, we have candidates who will work at Weebly for a week. The online website creator Weebly supplements interviews with "trial weeks" to see whether the candidates really fit in with the company. Definitely the project of the trial week is not easy.

Rehearsal week: The secret of our recruitment

It is difficult to really know from an interview whether someone is a good match for your business. That' s why we found a better way to check on possible new hires: a trial period. Rehearsal period just about is what it seems to be. Following an introductory conversation, we have applicants who will work at Weebly for a whole month.

Rehearsal weeks allow us to take advantage of opportunities for those who may not be well interviewed and sort out those who make a good first impact but are unable to substantiate it. Indeed, the trial is such a success that in five years we have only asked two persons to quit the group.

Often folks are amazed when they learn about the rehearsal but for us it makes a great deal of difference. Everybody is preaching cultural, but only a few really have a great one. We are looking for those who plan to stay close for several years - and that is a great dedication - so why not take the extra effort to make a well-researched choice?

If we put it that way, very few individuals have refused to resume the interviews because of the study weeks, less than 5% of them. That' how rehearsal works: Usually, contestants must incinerate holiday period to attend the trial period. That'?s why we want it to be rewarding for them.

We' re gonna take them out, take them to a motel, and we' re gonna buy them for the whole weekend. My explanation to you is that the worse case is that you will use a week's holiday, but because of the supplement you can take a better holiday later. The search for good collaborators is a big part of why we do the trial work.

Humans are much more laid back in these surroundings, so you get a good feeling for who they are. It' s an even better chance for the contestants. It' s simple when you hire someone to tell you how great the corporate environment is, but there's nothing like being experienced by someone. The rehearsal is not just a cultural one.

Let us see how prolific they are. It' s genuine work, tightly tuned to what the individual would do if we were to hire them, and it' s conceived in such a way that more than one individual can reasonably achieve in a single workweek. Recently we had six engineer for a trial period at the same and the same period.

The rehearsal began by mistake. We' ve always said that it would be so much better if we could just let her work at Weebly for a whole weekend before making a choice. Business was running at full speed, employment was difficult to find and local residents were willing to do so.

Now we have about 90 staff, and they have a much wider range of opportunities, but they are still willing to do it. At the end of the trial period with us, many of our applicants felt that the interviews were too personal in large organisations and that they could not imagine the work they were doing. The rehearsal allows us to be more open-minded when interviewing humans.

Not so long ago there was an engineering guy who was quite poor at responding to CS queries during an interviewer. Had we had to make a choice on the basis of an interviewer, we wouldn't have recruited him. Sure enough, he wrecked it. We also had guys we thought were great, but it turned out they weren't.

Recently we had two guys who were impolite to our clerk during the workweek. A few folks just aren't efficient enough. Outside the trial period, our rental rates are around 66%, which means it felt like the right rental price.

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