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So, if I visited your website and visited four pages, I would count as one unique view and four page views. Weebly website statistics and analysis Our Web site uses cookie technology to help you navigate, analyse your use of our Web site(s), and support our advertising and promotion activities. Just follow how many visitors have come to your site, what pages they have viewed, what keywords they have used to find your site, and which sites have linked the visitor to your site directly from the Weebly Dashboard.

Review your website statistics from any devices with Weebly's favorite portable applications. Our website statistics are compiled in near realism so you can keep a watchful eye on your information and your site usage pattern. Weebly makes it simple to include Google Analytics coding for enhanced website-tracking for even greater visibility into your web statistics.

With the registration you declare your agreement with our general business conditions and the data protection declaration.

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Stay up to date on page impressions (number of pages visited), unique visitors (individual site users), pages with the most visitors, keywords, and websites that send your way of attracting visitors. Snapshots of your website's key performance indicators are shown directly in the dashboard. Look at each catagory within a given timeframe to see trend over timeframe, and even contrast different timeframes with graphs in a single graphical display.

Extend the statistics from the dashboard for even more detail in a basic, ranked information stat.

Weebly Analytics Precision? - Welcome to Weebly Community

How our site stats work - we keep tracking our unique visitors and viewers by IP address. They may be deactivated or otherwise inhibited, they may not run for several consecutive pages between site visitors, or the user may exit the page before the Cookie is used.

Track and trace your Internet Protocol (IP) traffic too much because it includes automatic traffic and some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) allocate Roaming Internet Protocol (IP) traffic to their clients, which is changing all the time. Generally, the precise number of individual humans visitors is somewhere in the center, between Weebly and Google. This is not an error in Weebly or Google's statistics, only that there will always be a difference between servers and third-party statistics.

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