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This URL is available via an RSS icon in the sidebar of the page. Optimizing URLs - Creating the Perfect URL for SoEO Once you have selected a domainname, the next stage in your website's URL optimization is zero. It is important to have your page URL set to URL based URLEO, because URL keys are a rating element and can help in creating links and interacting with users. How your traffic makes your site accessible to your users. How your traffic makes your site more accessible to your users.

And the more uniquely and memorably you can create a descriptive URL, the more likely it is that individuals will recall, associate, and associate with those urls. Lots of bewildering numbers or absurd fillings of keywords can really damage your real SoEO. Sample optimized URL for the Contacts Page tag The example above shows how the Contacts Page tag is used in the URL.

As you can also see, the URL is very clear, it will tell you (and the searching engines) what the page is about and is important for the page's index. All you need to build SEO-friendly web sites is directly available in the editor. In Weebly, for each page you build, you should tailor the URL to the page theme and your desired keys.

Let's take a look at how to adapt any kind of URL in Weebly. Default Page URLsGo to Pages > Preferences > Page Permalink and enter your URL in the textfield. Go to the Store> Storefront> Advanced Category Permalink page and enter your URL.

Modify the URL of your Weebly website.

All you have to do is modify the URL........ you can do that very simply in your Weebly dashboard editors. In order to modify the website address: There are three ways to modify the website address: If you use a subdomain of Weebly.com - free of charge, it allows you to set up an email like ''example.weebly.com'' Registration of a new domainname - this will incur costs as you sign up your own domainname like ''example.com''.

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