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Who we are - Insert a "About us" section in your website. Establish profiled professionals for your staff, customers, as well as your website's merchandise or trademarks to increase your customers' trust. Completely customisable - Customise your own personal photo, text and link listings. Using our About Us page, you can set up a corporate account on any Weebly page. Present yourself, your staff, your partner or your trademark to your audience.

Generate user-defined presets with title, text, image, link and more. With the integrated scrolling symbols you can refer your users to websites or profile. about us is 100% free! Or, update to delete the pusr icon and get enhanced functionality. Contact our customer service department - we are there for you.

Eliminate the need to brand an infinite number of About Us applications with your own logo. Enable extended functions such as limitless numbers of members and user-defined CCS.

Build a free website and a free blogs.

Weebly, a San Francisco, California-based business was formed in 2006 to help individuals put their information quickly and simply on-line. We' re now enabling 3 million individuals to simply build their own websites and blog or web presence for business, wedding, classroom, church, art portfolio and more.

At the beginning of 2007, the Weebly start-up group participated in a Seed Financing programme known as Y Combinator and began working full timer to make the Weebly services truly exciting. Proud to have been recognized as one of TIME's 50 Best Sites in 2007, we've further enhanced Weebly's functionality and usability with experienced Silicon Valley angelic sponsors such as Ron Conway of Baseline Ventures (original Google investor), Mike Maples, Aydin Senkut, Rajeev Motwani and Paul Buchheit (Google inventor).

In order to view some article about Weebly, visit the following links: Mr. Grignano is a K-12 Education Technologies Leader, Initiator and Leader. In the last 11 years of his New Haven Public Schools careers, Mr. Grignano was appointed the school's technological facilitator/systems engineering and worked to develop, qualify and qualify student, employee and administrative personnel at all stages of education technologies.

Affiliate programs allow our members to fill their bags by refering their families and boyfriends to Weebly.

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