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Where you can present your websites created with Weebly. At Weebly we listen to our users and continuously improve our products. Are Wix, Weebly and Squarespace popular? Living in the US or UK, it was difficult to prevent flash ads for DIY website utilities like Squarespace, Wix Website Builders, Weebly and others. "In five years, the vast majority of Squarespace or similar sites will be supported.

" They're not alone.

Mullenweg recently created a sensation when he said that Web site editing software would become the real competitor of WordPress: "So, I was wondering, how much does Squarespace, Wix and Weebly like?" "Naked WordPress (without plugins) is not really able to compete with Wix, Weebly and Squarespace". Is Wix.com How popular? By the end of 2013 they already had 37 million users and by 2014 50 million users.

Exactly how many persons have live sites on Wix? Wix overestimates its user base by a factor of 50. Is Squarespace.com popular? Square Space is a privately held business, so numbers are more difficult to come by. While we can disregard these assumptions, there are some clear indications that Squarespace is smaller than Wix:

It has 440 staff, Wix 850. Square Space has "well into the ten million" sales. Walking upon these numbers, it is reasonable to suppose that Squarespace is far below the 1. 23 million participants enjoying by Wix. Is Weebly. com popular? And Weebly is another one who likes to play with numbers quickly and easily.

It claims over 20 million pages, which almost certainly affects anyone who has ever signed up with it. But Weebly is so mysterious that they don't even have the costs of their services on their website. More than Squarespace, there are no sound figures to continue with. Weebly employed 80 people in 2013 and the number is rising.

It is likely that Weebly is smaller than Wix and possibly Squarespace - certainly it doesn't seem to have the ammo to fight back as Wix and Squarespace are covering the USA with their commercials. A thing we got to believe after looking at the statistics is that at least one of the most favorite statistical resources for websites, W3Techs, Wix significantly underestimated.

Approximately 1 million Drupal web pages, we estimate. Well, we know that at least 1.23 million Wix locations. W3Techs, however, shows Drupal with 2. 0% of all locations and Wix with 0.1%. BuiltWith, on the other side, gives much more precise results and shows Drupal with 763,005 pages and Wix with 1,048,173 pages.

In the last year, we have guessed that there are a million Drupal webpages. Joomla operates about 50% more webpages than Drupal and WordPress is running at least tenfold more, so we can make sensible estimates from there, according to W3Techs. Joomla has about 1.5 million pages and WordPress has at least 10 million.

I' ve got a pop ular stat that claims 72 million for WordPress pages, but that seems ridiculously high and I couldn't find a dependable one. The BuiltWith WordPress project is set to more real-world 14 million. All we can say for sure is that WordPress is way ahead. Is Wix, Squarespace and Weebly very fierce competitors to the largest open sources platform?

When you' re in the web industry, you need to think about how these DIY utilities might affect your strategies over the next few years.

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