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Web site builder Weebly is the only one to offer an App Store they call the App Center. Visit the Weebly website at "www.weebly.com". WEBLY is one of the most popular website builders available on the market today, and it's not hard to understand why.

Simple to operate and flexible

At Weebly we eebly hat iPhone, Android, iPad et Apple Watch applications. Full-featured tab and telephone applications let you create your whole website. It' fantastic - no other website builders offer this on both mobile devices and tables. Apple Watch is mainly intended for statistics and memory alerts (new orders, new forms, etc.).

Best site builders ever members. Weebly is there for you when you need to create a members page. Further useful functions are: group and e-mail adjustment.

Website creation by Weebly

Add items (such as text, photographs, cards, and videos) to your website by simple drag-and-drop. Your website is built in your own web browsers in order to be able to access it in your own webspace. Build and maintain a website that works anywhere. The Weebly website is optimised without any additional work on your site.

Max number of pages your website can have. Pick challenging store front topics and pick from a wide range of billing methods such as Stripe, PayPal and more. "It is easy to delete and adjust this footing by updating your map. Customise your bottom line by adding your side menus, style symbols, a contacts page, a company name, your company name, your company name, a company name, a logo and more.

Users can select whether they want to see a brand symbol, a so-called "favicon", in their web page addresses bars and browsers tabs. Weebly' easy embedding tools make it easy to integrate YouTube and other high definition content from your website. You can also use the YouTube function for extended features. Activate your website to prevent unauthorised users from viewing your website.

Request a single page or an entire website for your use. The location finder will help your users to quickly find the information they are looking for. Create a member website where users can log in to gain specific permission to browse specific information. You are the only one who can join members, organize them into groups, and navigate which pages they have on them.

Include a registration pushbutton on your site and allow site users to log in to become a member. New members can be approved either by default or you can check each one individually and be notified when a new member enters. Max. number of items your webshop can show. This is a commission charged for each order processed through the Weebly Cashier.

Integrate the basket directly into your website and design for a smooth check-out and anywhere working cashier experiences on your devices and tables. Customer are displayed automaticaly when a produkt is out of inventory. Versatile shipment choices allow you to provide "free shipping", determine prices on the basis of either cost or weigh, and determine carriers' speeds of shipment.

Flexibility in pricing such as discounts and the possibility to specify which product is suitable for an offering.

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