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Outstanding customer service; coaching to achieve your business goals; CSS & HTML code customizing of templates; image editing &

custom graphics.

Web Design Services - On-Demand at affordable prices

Which kind of web sites can I get there? With the Weebly website you can create any kind of website: shop on-line, photograph, restaurant, hotels, blogs, portfolios, services and much more. As soon as you know what kind of website you want, you can also choose whether you want a land page or a default website.

1 ) Landing Page (One-Page Website) This is a simple website with only one page and usually contains between 5-6 paragraphs. If you are looking for something a little bit smaller, a one-page website might be just right for you. 2) Standard Website This is a multi-page website with a home page and about 5 inside pages.

More than one page of a website allows you to present a great deal of information clearly. Introducing your website with a clear welcome to it. Service or product page: This is a listing of the types of service or product your company provides. Which are the special characteristics of the two Weebly Design In 05 Days and Premium Weebly Design bundles?

The Weebly Design In 05 Day package allows us to design your website using the design style of one of our demonstration websites or any other website you like. The Premium Weebly Design Package will allow us to research more detail and devote more attention to making your website look and feel new.

What will my website be like? Costs for setting up your website depend on the characteristics of your particular work. One of our Baamboo technical specialists will coordinate your projects with you. What is the timeframe for my website to be ready? As soon as we have all your unique needs met and your request accepted, your Baamboo Service Engineer will send you an e-mail with the expected lead-times.

When you have small changes, just get in touch with your Baamboo Projectmanager and let him know. Paypal is only used as our safe online payments portal. Paypal allows you to quickly and conveniently use your own Paypal bankroll ( sorry ). When you don't have a Paypal bankroll, you can use your own bank transfer.

Notice that you do NOT need to have a Paypal bankroll in order to be able to pay us. Can' t see your questions about Weebly Design Services?

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