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You will find information and answers in our help guides. Wellcome to the Help Center! Similar items In order to unsubscribe from your Weebly Website Pack, please complete the following process. Click on the orange colored hyperlink to your right next to your domainname. Notice: If you choose to void your website and choose to back it up, you can click the Restore Website button to restore your old contents.

What is the best way to terminate a registration? What do I do to log in to my Weebly website? What can I do to forward my domainname to a specific address? What do I do to make my Weebly website usable on the move? Can I create my Weebly website?

Using pixels with Weebly

Sign up with Weebly. Select the website you want to add your pixel to. Click on "Edit Site". Click on "Settings". Click "SEO". Create new target groups based on actions of people on your website. Find potential customers who like people who have performed important actions for you on your website, such as making a purchase by creating a Lookalike Audience based on people who have completed purchase events.

Ajoutez code d'événement à votre site Web pour suivre les actions importantes telles que les achats, les visites de pages et le nombre d'articles ajoutés à votre panier. Click on "Pixel Setup" Click on "Copy and Paste Code" Click on "Install Evenement Code" Select "Purchase" and click to copy the code.

Loguez-vous sur Weebly et sélectionnez votre site web. Click on "Edit Site". Drag "Embed Code" dans la zone de votre page que vous voulez suivre. Click on the field that appears to insert your event code. Click sur "Edit Custom HTML" (modifier le code HTML spécifique à l'utilisateur). Changez la valeur d'achat pour le montant que vous pensez être la valeur d'une vente.

Click on "Publish". If you clicked "Save/Publish" at the top of the Tealium console, check that your pixel is triggered correctly. This is how you check if your pixels is working properly : Navigate to the web page where the pixel was placed. That' ; Navigate to the web page where the pixels Navigate to the web page where the pixels Navigate to the web page where the pixel was placed. both Navigate to the web page where the web Navigate to the web page where the pixel was placed. Unexpectedly, une fois l'aide is installed, une petite icône apparaîtra à côté de votre ligne d'adresse.

In the Chrome browser, navigate to your website and click the Pixel Help icon. I in the popup window you can see which pixels were found on the page and whether they were successfully loaded.

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