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Why can I not log in to Weebly without Facebook????

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WEBLY is the drag-and-drop solutions for creating your website.... In order to get to Weebly, just login to your cPanel login and browse down to our "Site Builders" section. In this section you will see the Weebly Site Builder call options. Choose the domains you want to use and click Login to begin.

See help.editmysite.com for help with Weebly. Builders is an on-line website building utility with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user surface alongside hundred of theme, image and theme designing utilities. Explains how to modify the Site or Home URL settings in WordPress. It can be useful if you have shifted your WordPress page or plan to shift your WordPress page.

What is the time it takes to get my new website up and running? Explains how to sign in to a WordPress Web site.

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Please register here if you do not yet have a Weebly website. Then click on 'Settings' and then on 'Customer Area'. Click on the custom HTML element that you just added to your page,'Edit Custom HTML', and insert the same HTML that you previously copy into a Microsoft® Word® page.

You should see a page bar on the far right that lists all areas of your site. Clicking on the desired page opens a page chooser and you choose the last Advanced option: 10, which opens the Advanced preferences for that page.

Scour down to the end of these preferences, and in the "Header Code" section, add the second line of the number 1 header line to the " Do you already have your own website? These example encodings can also be used to change the colour of the "Sign In Form"....

In order to modify the context "Submit form": Modify the label fonts color: Changing the label fonts: Modify the prefix on the button: WordPress - Embed "Client Login Form" Weebly - with "Hyperlink" Wix - Embed "Client Login Form".

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