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Simply add page search to the design of your website to help visitors find content or products on your website. Location search | Location search Location search is one of the most precious elements on your website. Page search will help your site visitor find contents or items on your site. Often at the top or bottom of pages, a User Box allows users to quickly and simply search for information or certain items on your website or in your on-line shop.

The search field allows users to type a keyword or sentence to search your whole site, with instant results that correspond to your overall preferences. When the search does not find a matching, a plain text notification informs the visitor that no results have been found so they can perform another search. Weebly' website research is intelligent and can read a number of items from your website contents.

It uses text in paragraph, heading, and eCommerce items, page name, description, keyword, caption, and tag to specify which results to display. Make sure you tag, name, and describe items in your website contents to help increase the effectiveness of your search results. Do you know that more than 30 per cent of on-line shooters will use Website Search when it becomes available?

Get the most out of your headers or footers and include a search toolbar in one or both places. Adds location search to several - or all - pages on your site so people can pause and search for articles at any point. Location search not only helps people find objects or information on your site, it can also help them make a decision to buy.

Clients looking for something special have exchange ratios that, according to a study by Econsultancy, are up to 50 per cent higher than the general buyer. The addition of Website Search is one of the simplest adjustments you will make to your website. Simply click on the Search item from the editor and place it where you want your users to search.

Each time a user types something into the search field, they will receive a new page with results that use the font and color that matches the remainder of your website theme.

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