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Fascinated by the idea of integrating Weebly with WordPress, here's how you can do it in four steps: Make a subdomain and install WordPress on it. Integrating Weebly with WordPress (in 4 short steps) When it comes to web design, Weebly is one of the most entry-level web design software available. While it allows beginners to create websites that are sleek and easy to use, it's not the most feature-rich of all. To get more performance, you need to use a plattform like WordPress. Weebly offers a multitude of functions, but is not a scalable plattform.

The integration in WordPress resolves this issue, but also offers extensions in the shape of "plugins" - such as Sell Media - and other functions. Here we show you how to use Weebly in WordPress in four easy and quick ways. But before we start, there are two things you need to consider - a Weebly email address and an associatedomain.

The most important thing first - you have to find a webhost for your WordPress install. While there are many choices available, we suggest you stick to WordPress-friendly alternative with good scores and feedback. This type of hosting is optimised to give you the best user experiences on the site, and is usually inexpensive to deploy.

Buying a layout is easy, and while other hosters are following a similar layout path, the procedure may vary according to your choices. They are similar except that they can be used to create pages running concurrently with your home pages. As your prime domain leads your traffic to your Weebly page, your slave domains leads them to your WordPress-Shop.

In the following dialog, select a name for your child and specify its higher-level name if more than one individual Domain is associated with your current User Name. As soon as you have confirmed your selection, your new undomain is startable! We have to download WordPress now. Go back to your panel and see if there are any WordPress-related choices.

You' ll probably find it in the Softaculous App Installer section, although you will be attracted to something similar to Install WordPress: Click the Install icon on the next monitor, and then fill in all the necessary boxes to start the installation proces. Here you can choose your sub-domain from the dropdown list:

Once you're done, click the Install icon at the bottom of the page - the next step is to customize your new WordPress page. The WordPress application offers you a multitude of adjustment possibilities, but none is more efficient than theming. This tool allows you to modify the look and feel of your website with just a few mouse clicks in a system very similar to that of Weebly.

No matter what you choose, you will want to choose a topic that fits the look and feel of your Weebly site to make your next generation web site integrate seamlessly. Take a look at the Cento topic of Weebly, for example: They' re both similar enough to fit together with some fine tuning, and once you've got them up and running and made your changes, you'll want to expand the WordPress feature set with add-ons named plug-ins.

Depending on the functions you want, your selection of plug-ins will vary, but some are indispensable for new websites. In most cases you will want to get your plug-ins directly from the WordPress folder because they have been tested for safety and reliability. With this plug-in you can create a photo shop on your WordPress page, and it has many great enhancements to extend its functions.

Since your adjustments are eliminated, it's your turn to incorporate your webpages. The integration of Weebly and WordPress is as easy as customizing the navigations on your two pages so that they are connected to each other smoothly. Once you've both configured them properly - and made sure that your pages fit the other' styles - your visitors may not even know the differences between them.

First, login to Weebly and browse to the Pages page. Every new page you create here will appear in your home page automatic. Type the name you want to appear in your menus from here and insert the address of one of your WordPress pages. Click Done and take a look at your menu:

Do the same for all the pages you want to include, and then go to your WordPress dashboard. You can find the section Menus under the Appearance tab: Changing your WordPress menus is a similar procedure to Weebly. There is a multiple register card submenu to the right of the Menue Structure section.

You should use the Pages page to include built-in hyperlinks to your menus, and the Custom Hyperlinks radio button for Weebly URLs: When you click Append to Menus, the new entry moves to your Menus Structure section. Weebly may be perfect for you according to your needs, but the platforms are not scalable and do not have some enhanced features.

The choice to use WordPress in combination with WordPress will open up a whole range of opportunities. Best of all, you don't even have to leave your Weebly website to take advantage of using high-performance plug-ins like Sell Medias. Fascinated by the concept of Weebly integration with WordPress, learn how to do it in four steps:

Locate a WordPress-friendly hosting. Make a sub-domain and have WordPress installed on it. Design your new WordPress website. Link your Weebly and WordPress pages. If you have a question about the integration of Weebly and WordPress?

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