Weebly year 4

Year Weebly 4

Y2K 4 2018 - Home page More and more pupils in elementary education are using on-line as well as more traditionally taught materials in their lessons. We' ve provided many on-line ressources and linked sites that are either integrated or linked to help you find education ressources with one click. NEVER get parental consent to work online: web, research, FaceTime, etc. All require parental consent.

Reflect on-line as you would personally.

Fourth JPS Year - Welcome

We have a very unique place in our schools. Celebrating this great wealth of different civilizations and ethnical background, we are very proud to be able to create a welcoming, supportive and supportive environment for all our kids in this multicultural environment. Our aim is to give our kids the best possible educational experience in the truest meaning of the term; academic, educational, emotional and so on.

We want to work together in these defining years to establish a supportive and supportive atmosphere that will enable our young players to explore their potentials and opportunities. JPS gives our kids the liberty to work in different environments and environments as they face new opportunities, and gives them the opportunity to explore and shape.

Outside the regular classes there is an extensive sporting, culture and art program, as well as home travel and attendance at the many community activities that Dubai has to boast. While we are very proud of the JPS students' achievement in science, athletics and art, we value all our kids and urge them to enjoy each other's accomplishments in the playroom and schoolroom.

Being a GEMS primary we have the great benefit of having the GEMS Educational Group's backing. There are also very close connections to Jumeriah College, our GEMS Secondlyary and to other GEMS secondaries. Nearly all of our kids are provided with places at the JC, which gives them the added convenience of being able to know that the "excellent" training they get continues throughout their entire schooling.

Welcome and look forward to working with your families to help our kids meet the ever-changing challenges of the modern age.

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