Well Designed Blogs

Well-designed blogs

This is a very well-designed and sophisticated blog that is about being your own boss and creating your own wealth. Eco-Lifestyle Blog Ecoki.com has a remarkable, well branded design that is consistent across every nook and cranny of its website. Joy the Baker uses a monochromatic blog design with different shades of pink. And a few things I've done well that I haven't even noticed!

When you are a startup or a brand that wants to take advantage of this success, a well-designed email is crucial to break through the package.

Best Designed Blogs of the Year 30 2011

Michael attaches so much importance to a good-looking, highly convertible, content-enhancing blogstyle. In order to remind you of the revamp and above all to give you an inspiring listing, I present the 30 best blogs of 2011. In order to eliminate as much subjectivity as possible, I have begun with these five good blogs designing criterions.

Obey Web Style Standard - Does it obey Web style standard such as black writing on bright backgrounds, clearly differentiated news stories, use of JavaScript, consistently drawn line and adherence to the gold standard? Attentiveness to detail - Is there coherence in your artwork and otherwise perfectly pixelated? Here you will find the top 30 2011 blogs in no particular order, but rather arranged according to the style and topics of the respective blogs.

Copyblogger.com is the embodiment of uncomplicated, robust and uncomplicated weblogs. KISSmetrics Blogs do an excellent job mixing contemporary styling features while preserving a feeling of professionality for the most entrepreneurial markets. TNW does a good job of integrating the advertisements without detracting from a clear, easy-to-navigate look.

When you have seen an essay about BusinessInsider.com, you have realized that the website is designed to keep you dependent on its contents for tens of page views. This looks great, but Web Blogs is also perfectly seamless with the remainder of the site, despite the fact that the blogs exist on a single sub-domain.

Featuring meticulously placed superimposed images, the theme just jumps off the monitor and you hardly ever miss GoMediaZine.com's look. We at Hello have done an amazing amount of work to integrate subtile texts into your website to give it a classic yet contemporary look. he Blogussion. com is the first stunning web site I' ve found.

The Modernerd.com logotype is easy, the typefaces are coherent and the wallpaper conveys what the blogs are about. com does an excellent job of wrapping information neatly over the folds while highlighting important contents. In keeping with its classic style, almost every single styling feature is monochrome, highlighting Johnny Cupcakes' photographs and product range.

TheOatmeal. com has its shortcomings with its decentralized side bar and the swelling "e-mail" hyperlink in the bottom line. However, if you read between the shortcomings, you'll find that the theme is perfectly Matthew Inman's, "so it is, and if you don't like it, I'll release my force of chastening Facebook enthusiasts so you never forget," which makes his website great.

It is a creative designed blogs with its ever changing head picture, the picturesque use of optic and the fact that everything in the side bar has the same width, even the notices. All about TutsPlus.com and the Envato ecosystem is beautiful when it comes to designing (including the FreelanceSwitch.com mentioned earlier).

BuildInternet.com is part of Smashing Magazine's The Smashing Network and justifiably so, with its unique featured postal imaging and dedication to maintain its designs throughout the site. 45royale.com is a web designing agency that has an imaginative headers while efficiently guiding and guiding you through the contents of the blogs below.

Another member of The Smashing Network, WebDesignerWall.com is one of the most widely used design sites in the globe, with eye-catching news and memorable covers. WebDesignerDepot.com offers another design, similar to the webdesigner wall, that you can't overlook. llovecolors.com. ar. has a similar look, but on its own it has a sophisticated contents section that is highlighted by the shading of the wallpaper.

But somehow all important contents still seem to attract attention. Vectips.com does a good job keeping up a finally saleable emotion on a person's own website. Last Smashing Network blogs in this listing belong to TheDesignCubicle.com. The subtlety of the ThemeBIG. com navigation sprite menus, along with the inviting sense you get the first time you visit their site, makes me love it.

Ecoki.com is an eco-lifestyle blogs with a remarkable, well-branded look that is consistently across every corner and crack of its website. From the headline to the contents area to the comment field, everything is individually designed and adapted to the remainder of the website. Before I made this listing, I would have liked to have visited every blogs in the whole wide web, but I started to get really hunger.

So if you know of any great blogs I' ve been missing, please light me up with some of your favourites in the comment section below.

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