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Interleaved PCR comparison with immunofluorescence antibody test to detect Ehrlichia canis infection in dogs treated with doxycycline. Who Yong Fa is a main character in Battle B-Daman. Comet Dragon is his current B-Daman.

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Interleaved PCR comparison with immunofluorescence antibodies test to detect Ehrlichia cancer infections in doxycyclined canines.

Departement of Veterinary Biosciences, Ohio State University, Columbus 43210-1096, USA. weitere Artikel in PMC. This test was as delicate as the hybridisation to the south and detected only 0.2 pg E. cannisNA. Using this technique, all four E. cannis contaminated dog specimens were already tested on the fourth follow-up date, before or at the point of vaccination.

A hundred five sample collections from Arizona and Texas canine ( areas with E. cannis endemicity) and 30 sample collections from Ohio canine ( area with E. cannis non-endemicity) were analyzed by interleaved PCR and immunofluorescence antibodies (IFA). About 84% of the Arizona and Texas hounds were doxycyclined before submitting colorectal cancer screening material.

Of the Arizona and Texas assays, 46 were PCR positives (44%) and 80 IFA positives (76%). Fourty-three of 80 IFA-positive assays (54%) were PCR-positive, and 22 of 25 IFA-negative assays (88%) were negativ in interleaved PCR. No Ohio sample was IFA positives, but 5 were PCR positives (17%).

The results suggest that interleaved PCR is very fragile and specifically for the presence of E. kanis and may be more useful than IFA in the assessment of organism clearances after treatment with antibiotics, especially in areas where E. kanis is present.

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