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How is your company promoting gender equality? Highlight strengths and areas where further action can be taken. Sympower Women - About us The UN Global Compact and UN/Women are working together to advance the WFP agendas so that full participation by the women in all areas and activities of the economy is possible. A pioneer in the field of equal opportunities, UN women bring three decades of expertise to this relationship with the UN Global Compact, the world's biggest sustainable enterprise empowerment program with more than 12,000 companies and other stakeholder groups in more than 160 nationalities.

Case business: Recent research shows that promoting the use of equal opportunities is helping companies to send out better messages than self-interest and shared interest. It also recognises that the involvement of the female population promotes sustainable growth and that the achievement of sustainable growth objectives and domestic industrial strategies require a rapid transition to equal opportunities. Incorporating the talent, abilities, experience and energy of a woman demands willful action and a conscious policy.

Women's Empowerment Principles, a UN Women and UN Global Compact (UNGC) twinning effort, offer a range of reflections designed to help the business enterprise to concentrate on those core issues that are central to the promotion of equal opportunities for men and women at work, in the market place and in society. Sex lens: Improving transparency and involvement in company policy and procedures calls for effective technologies, instruments and practice.

Forgotten through an internationally multi-stakeholder consultation the Women's Empowerment Principles offer a "gender lens" with which companies can analyse recent initiatives, benchmarking and reportings. These principles also mirror the interests of governments and NGOs and will promote interaction between those involved, as the realisation of equal opportunities demands the involvement of all players.

Which principles are there for the strengthening of mothers? There are seven stages in the Women's Empowerment Principles to help companies strengthen the position of female employees in the work place, in the markets and in society. Captioned Equality Means business, the Principles highlight the entrepreneurial case for promoting sex and empowering the rights of men and women throughout the world through real-world commercial practice and contributions.

Instead of being mandatory or a new industry incitement, WFPs look for the way to best practice by highlighting the sex dimension of good governance, the UN Global Compact and the roles of companies in sustainability. WFPs were primarily designed for the economy.

The WFPs have, however, been adopted by other interest groups in CSOs, as well as by organisations and governmental bodies, as an instrument for integrating their own politics and practice related to the promotion of equal opportunities and the role of the woman as a political input stage. These are used as a foundation for dialog and actions to promote and strengthen the position of the female population.

How is your business promoting equal opportunities?

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