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innova - WeP-UP - West Pomerania ICT Start-up Hub Westomeranian ICT Hub " was launched at the beginning of February 2018 as part of the pilot scheme "Start This Up! Aim of the campaign is to promote the advancement, internationalization, expansion as well as the economic and social advancement of the ICT start-up eco-system in West Pomerania. ZARR - ZARR - West Pomerania Agency for Regional Economic Cooperation and Rural Area.

The INNOVA is the INNOVA Italy partners that is involved in a map survey of the Vorpommern area, the creation of an online service delivery portal for start-up growing and the organization of European matches. From April 2018, WeP-UP will establish and offer a range of start-up start-up related activities in Western Pomerania: assistance and guidance through a one-stop shop in Szczecin, the possibility to contact and gain entry to the global investor base through an online marketing site, organization of four matching activities in Poland, Italy, Germany and Estonia.

Donwload directlyX end

DirectorX provides safety and power upgrades as well as many new capabilities in all technology that are accessible to application through the DirectorX APIs. In order to immediately begin the install, click Open or run this application from its present location. Click Open or run this application from its previous folder. If you want to copy the downloaded file to your computer for later use, click either Store or Store this application on your hard drive.

DirectorX end-user install comprises the following components: DDX, HLSL Compiler, HLSL, YInput, XAudio and Managed DirectorX 1.1. Please be aware that the Runtime (Direct3D, DirectInput, DirectSound) is not part of this bundle as it is part of the Windows OS and therefore cannot be removed or reinstalled. To update the Runtime, install the latest Service Pack or purchase a newer Windows edition.

DirectorX End-User Runtimes Setup includes all web installs packaged together and is highly recommend for those who do not have an active web browser network connected during the install.

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