What does Classified ad mean

Classified ad - what does it mean?

More synonyms for classifieds on Thesaurus.com. Noun. an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or the like, which generally deals with offers or inquiries of jobs, houses, apartments, used cars and the like.

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Classifieds in a paper. Classifieds are a type of advertisement that is mainly found in magazines, such as free advertisements or penny-savers, as well as in general on-line magazines. Small advertisements enable in principle individual persons (not only enterprises or corporations) to acquire revenues for goods and sevices. Classifieds are referred to as such because they are usually grouped within the posting under categories that classify the proposed offer of goods or provision of provision of services within the posting (categories such as accounting, automobiles, clothing, agricultural produce, purchase, rent, etc.) and are fully grouped in a separate section of the magazine, which distinguishes them from screen advertisements, which often contain graphic or other works of artwork and are placed near edited contents.

With the development of the classifieds industry on-line, specialisation is growing.

Example for " Classifieds ".

This computer-assisted messaging system was used as an informational classified ad. Shortly after his arrival on the western shore, he responded to a classified ad for a documentaries and was looking for a trainee for the job. There is an expansive classifieds area. Had to fall back on a classified advertisement to make a livelihood, and noticed that he had a rich general civilization, experiences, and expertise in many areas.

Further functions are classified advertisements, trend and a show calender. In 2003, the global classified ad industry was valued at over $100 billion. As it is free of charge, the paper is based solely on advertisements and classified advertisements for sales. First and foremost a book for classifieds, traders and private persons offering job advertisements, goods and objects found and abandoned for resale.

Classifieds are free or paid for, according to your type of products and geographic area. Among the ceremonies were ritual meditations, appeals from daemons and pet offerings for cat victims purchased through classified advertisements. There were even a few classified advertisements in the newspaper, one for someone willing to solve trigger issues, and a pair for squeezing trousers and shiny heels.

Ticket sales were promoted through advertisements in newspapers and sell out within twoweek. However, that night, while looking through the classified advertisements in the paper, she came across a real estate ad. It was a play on words relying on classifieds from owner dogs to let everyone know that their dogs were missing or had left the family.

These are mainly used for information and classified advertisements.

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