What does Theme mean

So what does the subject mean?

An unifying or dominant idea, a motif, etc., as in a work of art. A unifying idea, which is a recurring element in literary or artistic work. "This was the usual "boy gets girl" theme, melodic theme, musical theme, musical theme, idea (nomen) (music) melodic theme of a musical composition. "Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples", "The theme is announced in the first bars";

"the accompanist has taken up the idea and worked it out". The meaning of "topic" in the English dictionary. At first glance it's a very funny novel, but it has a more serious theme.


theme of debate, conversation, meditation oder composing; theme: There was a need for global harmony as the theme of the encounter. a uniting or dominating concept, a motive, etc., as in a work of arts. a brief informational essays, especially a scholastic work. Musik. a main theme of melody in a piece of rock composed. a brief theme of melody from which variation is born.

A theme, too. an administration unit of the Byzantine Empire. with a uniform theme: a theme restaurants adorned like a space ship. Used in conjunction with objects, it thematizes, thematizes, thematizes, thematizes. A theme that appears again and again in the comic strips is the wonder woman who is bound and then liberated.

Maneesh Goyal, the company's founding father, suggested a Pee-wee Herman theme. Yeah, I mean, the subject of this happening is interesting. Let me repeat it here as a reasonable proposal, only in relation to my subject. It was the same subject as in Mr Gladstone's Epistle to which it was considered an response.

To him was presented a theme in which no other writer would have found a theme for the muse. Right now it's the only topic for me that deserves all the man's attentiveness. n. c. 1300, from the Old French word test (13c., with quiet -s-), from the Roman theme "a person, a thesis", from the Hellenic theme "a proposal, a person, a deposit", literal "something deposited", from the roots of thythenai "deposited, place", from the PIE roots *dhe- "to put, to do" (see facts).

Expansion with the addition of a new piece of music that was first included in the 1670' s; the title track was first testified to in 1929. The theme garden is from 1960. "The theme of despair is reflected in his novels."

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