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Second is what I hear nomadically. Today I met the first guy in a movie, "What time is it?" It' not in a school, though. The time is a noun with a number of meanings. It is countable in some ways, but not in others.

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and that you were amazed when you heard whatnot? No, this is neither a naturally nor a normally British way of asking. Nobody would ever use this contact sheet.

It is possible that the figure in the movie was a non-native English speaking person, such as a Spaniard, and the use of "foreign language" English was conscious. Possibly it was a history established many hundreds of years ago, and the screenwriter used a consciously archaic-sounding phrase to give the dialog an old-fashioned touch.

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There are several ways we can ask about time: Excuse me, what is it? What is it, please, Mark? At what hour does the get-together begin? Do you have a minute, please? Talking about the hours on a watch, we are referring to the hours between 12.00 a.m. at the night and 11.59 a.m. during the morning and with pm to the hours between 12.00 a.m. and 11.59 a.m. at the night: I never get up before 10 a.m..

We' re only using the watch for the hour: We say five or ten minutes after or after for periods outside five-minute intervals: The 24-hour watch is also used, especially for typing and timetables: At eighteen forty, the date of the reunion ended. If both the presenter and the audience know the hour, they may not need to say it:

A: When's Karen coming to pick us up?

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Hour (symbolises hr) is a period of 3600 seconds sec (s), 60 minutes sec (min) or 1/24 of an average sunny morning (msd). It is also used by the astronomer as one of two co-ordinates that defines the position of an object in the heavens. Formally, we measure our times according to a schedule that uses two 12-hour increments per mean sunny orbit.

Timing in this size is expressed in h:mm or hh:mm, where hr or hh is the hour from 1 to 12 and mm is the minutes from 00 to 59. Reflecting a 24-hour timeline that begins and ends at 12:00 p.m., the majority of civil scientists, pilots, engineers, navigation experts, and soldiers are using it.

Here the hour is given in the shape where hh is the hour from 00 to 23 and mm is the minutes from 00 to 59. The hour (hr) is the default ascent rate (RA) in the sky co-ordinates. The right Ascension is measured from westward to eastward along the Sky Equator, an image line in the sky that is directly above the Earth's geographical equivalent.

We have 24 hours of right ascension in a full cycle; therefore 1 hour corresponds to 15 degrees of angle sec (15° or 15°). Point RA = 0 is the spring equinox, the sun's location in the sky as it traverses the sky sequestration that runs from southern to northern directions.

See also Second, Angle, International System of Units (SI) and Table of Physical Units.

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