What is a Theme of a Book

Well, what's the subject of a book?

A subject is a universal concept that occurs in every piece of fiction and repeats itself. This is the meaning behind the story and is expressed through the plot and the travels of the character. A novel's plot is the plot that takes place in the course of the narrative. Morality is the lesson to be learned by the reader from the conclusion of the action. When you look at history as what happens, the subject is what history is about.

Are there any example of a book topic?

When you look at history as what happens, the subject is what history is about. This book deals with the soldiers lives, but the subject is an Allegory for Vietnam (the writer was a fight engeneer and written the book about his experiences there and the alienating vets who went through on their return).

Outside the book, The Wire is a good example of a history that has a powerful theme. Originally about policemen who investigate traffickers, the tale extends to traffickers, then to the policies of the townhall, the idea of legalizing narcotics to combat criminality, malfinanced schooling, and finally the sensation of criminal report.

It is based on the demise of societies and the US way, and each episode throws up intricate points around every pillar of US tradition and how it disappoints them. In a book, a theme is an idea or a picture that keeps returning in different ways, and it can really be anything.

" Now look what's happening. "On the one hand, this subject of misused hearing is a direct link to the killing of King Hamlet, who pour ing venom from his own little sister Claudius. This is also associated with a similar theme of lying and deceit.

A lot of character have put different types of metaphoric poisons in their hearing - lying, cajoling, betrayal and so on. There' s an issue about might in there. To all intents and purposes he throws the ring away because he realizes that the highest powers would be corrupting him. Men in history are tried by the Force, and some are more wise than others how to use them.

Hobbits don't really bother about might at all, so they're the only ones we can rely on to wear the one ring without becoming a beast. Practically all the personalities are studied by looking at how they handle the seduction of the force represented by the ring. It'?s a subject that comes up all the time.

Don't mix up theme and action. It is what happens and it can show the subject. Orwell' Animal Farm is a classical novel in which each animal treats the other in a different way and builds on a theme that communist communities are not really the same even though they say they are. I understand this because it was very difficult for me to understand what "topic" means when I was in scool.

At least you know what it means! There' re many, many topics. Almost any repetitive notion can become a topic in a book. You can use a colour repetitively in a way that makes it part of the theme of a book (the colour ruby in The Scarlet Letter).

that the only subject you know is how much it' about loving. This is of course one of the great topics of literary work. However, I suppose that teacher teenagers give a bunch of textbooks on the subject because they think that's what teenagers want to be reading, especially girl. Book topics, as I see them, could be anything from battle, medicinal secrets (like Robin Cook's works), psychic and occult scripts (Dan Brown anyone?) to espionage thrillers, court records, and of course autobiographies.

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