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Locate time, date and weather for New Delhi, India from an original source in online time tracking. Delhi, India time zone location map borders. Actual local time in Nigeria - Lagos. Obtain Lagos' weather and area codes, time zone and summer time. Discover Lagos' sunrise and sunset, moonrise and sunset.

Nigerian Time: What is the actual time in Nigeria?

How is the actual time now in Nigeria time zones? In which time area is Nigeria? is located in the West African time zones ("WAT"). Is Nigeria keeping summer time? Nigerienia doesn't have summer time. Can you give me the international dialling code for Nigeria?

Nigeria's international prefix is 234.

Timezone and summer time source information

Timezone and summer time regulations are set by each government. This is a synopsis of the efforts to organise and collect information in this area. This publicly accessible time zoning databank contains codes and dates representing the histories of time in many of the world's major time zones. Regular updates are made to take account of changes in policy structures at time zones and summer time arrangements.

Every site in the data base constitutes a regional area in which all watches respecting current time have been contracted since 1970. Every area has a Universal Time (UT) offset histories, the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) with dates beginning at 12:00 p.m.; for time stamp after 1960, this is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Also, the databank captures when summer time was used, along with some shortcuts for time zones such as EST for Eastern Standard Time in the USA. As an alternative, the following shell instructions can be used to fetch the same version in a simple tarballs file containing additional information useful for compression testing: As an alternative, a developer depository with source codes and GitHub information can be obtained using the shell command:

Once you have received the source codes and datafiles, check the Re-ADME to see what to do next. You can also use it to reread a tz binaries as well as interpreting timestamps for that place. Both the tz codes and the dates are by no means binding. A period of less than one year is a good opportunity for some computerised watches to malfunction after the modification due to delay in the dissemination of updated versions of programmes and information.

If the time limit is shortened, the more likely it is that you will experience watch trouble; see example under "At the time of time zone changes". Modifications to the tz source codes and to the information are often passed on to the clientele via OS upgrades, so that the tz information of the clientele can often be fixed by using these upgrades. If your GNU/Linux or similar system service providers have not yet adopted the latest tz files, you can often short-circuit the operation by customizing the general statements in the tz Readme files and install the latest files yourself.

System related installation of the latest tz files has also been released for AIX, Android, ICU, IBM and Oracle Java, Joda-Time, MySQL and Noda Time (see below). You can find further information on updating under Procedure for Maintenance of the Time Zone Database (Internet RFC 6557). Further details can be found in the theoretical and pragmatic sections of the tz codes and datas.

Displays the time and zoning of the location. Time-Jones.com, TimeZone Converter and The World Clock are time zone converter. With the date and time gateway you can see the TZ value directly. The actual time at 1000 digits uses value description. Timezone converter uses a pull-down pull-down list. With the World Clock - Worldwide you can organize your zonennames and time conversion.

23TimeZones has a timecard and a time convertor. Date diffrence computes the actual time differences between the sites. It' Sheather Now and The Time Now also lists the weathers. Task Force Task Force Internet Engineering's Time Zone Information Distributions Services (tzdist) working group identified Total Time Domain Distributions Services (TZDIST) (Internet RFC 7808), a time domain information sharing system, and CalDAV (Internet RFC 7809), a calendaring log for time domain information transfer by referencing.

TZDIST Geolocalization Extension design allows a clients to define its time zones based on its geographical position using a 'geographical' URI. Internets Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar) (Internet RFC 5445) includes time zoning information; see calendaring components VTIMEZONE. This is a C++ engine that will be further developed and included in the next edition of the ISO International Standard ISO/IEC 14882:2017(E) - Programming Language C++.

The International Components for Unicode (ICU) contains C/C++ and JavaScript library for ICU purposes, which have a tz source and clidr file comparator (see below) in an ICU native file type. 3Ten-Extra, which is available for free under a BSD-like licence, can be added to the JavaScript 8. runtime Java API. 2. The Joda-Time - Joda date and time time API contains a Joda-Time.

lt was the inspiration for creating JavaScript 8ava. time, which its user should be migrating to as soon as they can accept JavaScript 8 or higher. Time4J setup - Extended date, time and interval library für Javas contains a net.time4j.tool file name. The Noda Time - Date and Time Application Programming Interface (API) for . Compatible with JavaScript, Compatible TimeZoneGenerator summarizes time zones in a single concise workspace.

Date's API is upwards compliant with default script datasets. Waltime-js converts UT to time. It' free available under the MIT licence. pytz - World Timezone Definitions for Python builds the Python code. Chronos Date/Time is a Smalltalk classes that tz source builds into a time zoning library whose formats are either propriety or representations coded in terms of HTML.

baltzo::TimeZoneUtil of the BDE Standard Library contains a C++ implement of a BDE fileserver. The CCTZ is a basic C++ language translation tool that can translate between UT and civilian time and is able to interpret binaries. The Timelib is a C libraries that rereads tz binaries and transforms timestamps from one time region or style to another.

Timescale is a JavaScript libary that provides datearithmetic support that is timezeonomous. A Python utility is included in the tz. js repository of the tz. js repository that transforms tz binaries into JSON files that can be used in the JavaScript time zoning repository. contains Haskell source that analyzes and uses tz binaries.

Internationale Uhr (intclock) is a watch that shows different time domains on GNU/Linux and similar platforms. has tz dates and closed-loop control (CLDR) dates (see below) that are used by Windows runtime class such as DatestimeFormatter. Explore Windows time zoning with System. timeZoneInfo describes the older, Microsoft Windows 2000 and later method that saves time zoning information in the Windows registry.

Tzid spreadsheet or Tzid class definition files of Tzid files are used to map tz identities to tz identifiers. Timezone Master is a Microsoft Windows watch application that can automagically fetch, compiling and use tz-renewals. Astrodienst' web edition of Shanks and Pottenger's Time Zones Atlas is Time-Zone Atlas, which was also released in web format by ACS-Starcrafts.

Windows Microsoft has the above property dates. The World Time Server is another time zoning databank. Time zones contains information from the Time Service Department of the US Naval Observatory. International Air Transport Association's Standard Schedules Information Manual contains the latest time zoning regulations for airfields operated by airlines.

United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is publishing a time zonemap; University of Texas at Austin's Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection has a copy of the latest work. Image qualitiy is good, but the cards do not show summer time, and parts of the dates are several years out of date.

Present time around the globe and the global timezone chart has several extravagant time zonecards; it particularly best captures Russia. What time is incorrect all over the globe? depicts the differences between average sun time and default time and highlights areas such as West China where the two are very different.

Geographic borders between time zones are available through several geolocalization agencies and other resources. database with time zones: The Timezone Boundary Builder extract open road map information to form borders of tz-lands. Under the MIT licence, his coding is available for free, and his records are available for free under the Open Commons Open Database Licence.

{\pos (192,210)}What Time is It Here? {\Applies}MongoDB GeoSpace Operator queries to Shapefiles' files. The free of charge use of a networking interface when you sign up a license is provided by the GeoNames Timezone web site, the Google Maps Time Zone API and the Time Zone Database & Application Programming Interface. "Describing how to get a time from a place with longitude and latitude coordinates" describes other geolocalization options.

The Administrative Divisions of Countries ("Statoids") list policy breakdown information on time domains. Timezone limitations for multiple zoning regroups the statutory limits between time zoning within states. Versatile software - GIS and database tools contains a multiple edition chart with the global time limits under the GPL. Ships in the sovereign seas of a nations use the time of that nations.

Within IWT, the time zones are 15 apart, except that UT-12 and UT+12 are 7 each. Captains may modify the ship's clocks at any time after entry into a new time zones; changes at midnight are usual. Going through time examines the development of time measurement. Daylight Saving Time - Story, reason, law and data is a general story of daylight saving time.

Work with Time Zone contains policies and best practice for civilian time related softwares use. Some of the controversial summertime events are summarized in a short summertime historical summary. One of the most important time histories of the International Date Line is the one of the most important time limits. The Basic Time Zone Concepts deals with terminology problems behind time zones.

The Parliamentary Library has ordered a research document on summer time in Australia. Bureau of Meteorology releases a schedule of summer time transposition dates in Australia. The Royal Observatory of Belgium keeps a time board in Belgium (in Dutch). The National Observatory's Time Service Department collects Brazilian summer time regulations (in Portuguese).

The Canada National Research Council Canada provides up-to-date and some older information on time zone and summer time. The Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy is publishing a story of Chile's formal time (in Spanish). The Czech Republic When summer time begins and ends (in the Czech Republic), it summarises and quotes historic summer time rules.

The National Institute for Science and Technology is responsible for implementing the legal period in Germany. The National Institute for Metrological Research keeps a chart of the civilian period (in Italian). The research and analysis service of the Congress Library of Mexico has released a story of Mexico's time as a city (in Spanish).

Dutch time in the Netherlands (in Dutch) includes the story of the Dutch period from antiquity. The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs has a short story of summer time. New Zealand's private histories of the time contain further detail. Why is Singapore in the "wrong" time zone? Detailed information on the annals of Singapore's and Malaysia's statutory time.

Britain Legislative Time in Britain is discussing in detail the land with perhaps the best recorded watch setting histories. National Physical Laboratory also has an archive of summer time data. The Department of Transportation's last time zones procedure shows changes to time zones borders. Science of Time 2016 contains several free to read articles.

NTP: The NTP protocol (Internet RFC 5905) describes how to synchronise the watches of a host. Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588) can provide an accurate sub-microsecond precision in a typical LAN. Worldwide RFC 4833 (DHCP) Time Zones Options sets a Worldwide RFC 4833 (DHCP) setting for a remote site to automate the configuration of a client's time zones and DST preferences.

astronomical times explained abstract timescales such as TDT, TCG and TDB. The timescales are more detailed, especially for historic variations. IAU's SOFA library contains C and Fotran codes for conversion between time series such as TAI, TDB, TDT and UTC. Martian24 Sunclock - Time on Mars specifies Airy Mean Time (AMT) and the different timescales used by each Mars landing operation.

LeapSecond.com is not only devoted to switching seconds, but to precision time and precision in general. Both the tz source file and the files provide the leap seconds via an option "right" config, as distinct from the standard "posix" one. Unicode Common Locale Database Repository (CLDR) project has localization for time zones name, abbreviation, identifier and format.

It contains, for example, translation into English for "Eastern European Summer Time", "EEST" and "Bucharest". Dataforms are available both in LDML (an XML format) and in JSON. An abstract of the internationally accepted date and time quotation is a good abstract of ISO 8601:2004 - Datenelemente und Austauschformate - Information exchange - Presentation of date and time.

DateTime specifications a dateTime file type based on standard DIN 8601 that is commonly used in standard forms of formatting. Section 3 of the Microsoft Web AS Message format (Internet RFC 5322) indicates the time specification used in e-mail and HTTP header. Time and date on the Internet: Dates and time forms in the web polls web- and internet-oriented date and time forms.

Alphabetical time zones should not be used as unambiguous designators for UT offset because they are not unambiguous in use. For many timestamps, the tz data base contains abreviations in British; unfortunately, some of these abreviations were only the invention of the data base operators, which were deleted if possible. Numerical time zones shortcuts usually include an hour due eastward from UT, e.g. +09 for Japan and -10 for Hawaii.

When the tz is available, it is usually better to use TZ= "Asia/Tokyo" and TZ="Pacific/Honolulu" preferences, as this should prevent mess, treat old timestamps better, and better protect you from changes to the rule in the future. However, if the tz is available, it is better to use the TZ="Asia/Tokyo" and TZ="Pacific/Honolulu" preferences. However, you should never adjust POSIX TZ to a value like "GMT-9" as this would erroneously mean that the time is nine hour before UT and the time is in the "GMT" time area.

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