What is Dudamobile

Dudamobile, what is it?

Duda Mobile application is used by web designers to give a website an appealing design. It is often used for small and medium-sized enterprises. Learn from the people who know best what works best at DudaMobile.

Type the home page of your home page with the home page of your computer or the home page of your Web site.

Type the home page of your home page with the home page of your computer or the home page of your Web site. Then our tech autoscans your desktopsite and uses the contents to create a new portable website. You can use our award-winning editing tool to customise the new portable edition of your website. Simply copy and past the source into your desktopsite.

As soon as you set it up, we keep the portable site in synchrony with your desktopsite, so any changes you make to your desktop site are reflected on your portable site as well.


Our mission is to offer pros and agents cutting edge software to create stunning web pages quickly and simply. Imagine how our Website Builder can help you create stunning, feature-rich web pages that are perfect for the tablet, screen and on-the-go. With our Mobility Builder, you can create mobile-only pages from the ground up or base them on an exisiting desktopsite or Facebook corporate page.

Itai Sadan and Amir Glatt, who have been companions since graduation and SAP employees, did what most technology enthusiasts did in early 2008 - slobbering over the launch of the first iPhone. However, they quickly realised that searching web sites on a portable unit was not a good thing. While they also recognised that large enterprises with enormous budgets would be able to handle this new media with ease, the creation of a robust mobility expertise would be a major hurdle for most small and medium-sized enterprises due to a shortage of budgets and technological expertise.

What about the name?

Dudamobile is the best way to create a Responsive website?

When you are a blogshop or a shopkeeper clinging to an old website and trying to get more mobiles, it's your turn to make your website more portable. The DudaMobile is a plattform that offers such a kind of servic. Is it the best way to create a fast responding website?

DudaMobile - what is it? The DudaMobile publication suite was created in 2010 by two pioneering companies, Itai and Amir, who were looking for a better browser experiences for consumers on the move. It' used by web pros and small business owners to build compelling Web sites without the need for programming skills. Currently operating more than 5 million sites, DudaMobile has received several awards in recent years for its creativity and technologies.

At DudaMobile, we offer three kinds of product to help you get up and running on your website. Obviously, this is your standard type of website builders program called TYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). It means that what you see at the back end of the edit is what you get at the front end of the website audience.

In order to start, you need to select a preset that allows you to view a theme on different portable gadgets. The DudaMobile also has a fun, personalised function known as InSite, which allows you to attract readers' interest or perform certain actions, such as a promotional promotion or greeting a visitor the first day.

Special designed to help transform an exisiting website into a portable, user-friendly website. An adaptable portable look, even with a fast-response model, can offer beneficial functions such as larger keys and easy to navigate. For example, take the portable look of my website; I can change the standard fast response look to a more portable, friendlier look (picture right; note the larger buttons?).

We have several other portable themes available so you can pick and experiment with them until you find the right one. It also has a similar functionality to InSite (in DudaOne) that allows you to simply click -to-action button such as make a call or make an appointment using the InSite.

When you are a website webmaster, this tool will help you to build several professionally looking web pages for your customers using sophisticated web page design tool. You' ll have easy acces to CSS processing, optimise web pages for better visibility into your business and build rugged e-commerce pages on the Duda website as well. The Duda price plan includes several price schemes in which the higher the plan, the more functionality you get in the form of site security, tech assistance and enhanced processing tooling (please see the company's website for more details).

But if you haven't already realized it, navigation through portable web pages can be a pleasant addiction. What's it like to make one with Duda? The " Click-to-Action " icon distinguishes itself as a comfortable feature for portable use. Though, the softwares seem to be missing when it comes to operating larger webpages. Also, the restricted (or rather selective) client service shows that they don't provide much help to beginners (which in my opinion deserves the most attention).

So is Duda worthy of your age? In general, I think that Duda provides a large set of softwares for creating portable webpages. Before DudaMobile, I never knew that you could adapt your site in such a way. However, I concur with the last comments on up-selling strategy, which may cause some delays for novices.

One better and more cost-effective way to build a compelling website is to begin with a compelling topic from the beginning. In order to gain full accessibility to these topics, just build a website with SiteRubix and you're there. Hopefully this paper has given you a better understanding of how to build an appealing website efficiently.

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