What is Eletone Cream used for

Where is Eletone Cream used?

Find out more about Eletone, dosage, correct use and what you should know before starting treatment. Skin softeners are used for the treatment or prevention of dry skin. Vesta Aloe Daily moisturizer, lotion, -.

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Do not use as near to the side of the bottle as possible. Use exactly as labeled or as prescribed by your health care professional. Cleanse the complexion where you are applying the topically active emulsion. If your complexion is moist or moist, it may help to use this preparation. Observe the instructions on the labeled products. Shaking the crate, if advised on the table.

Place a small amount of the topically applied emulsion on the affected area and massage delicately. When using an embroidery, cushion or bar of topically softened fabric, please refer to the instructions on the package insert. Don't use this over a large area of your epidermis. Without doctor's permission, do not put a topically applied remedy on a serious stab wounds or burns.

When your complexion looks cloudy or grey and is wet to the touch, you may use too much topically softening soap or use it too often. Certain moulds of topically softening agent may be combustible and should not be used near high temperatures or open flames or during use. When not in use, keep the cylinder, hose or other receptacle firmly sealed.

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