What is Envato Wordpress Toolkit

Envato Wordpress Toolkit - what is it?

The plugin guides you through a quick process of generating and registering an API key that connects your WordPress page to your Envato account. The plugin is marked as obsolete:

Integration of the Envato WordPress Toolkit into your theme: Bibliothèque

The last part of the workshop taught us how to use the TGM plug-in activation classes to get the Envato WordPress Toolkit plug-in whenever our topic is used. This plug-in allows the users to download designs from the site and upload them to the site. In this next part, you will learn how to deploy the Envato WordPress Toolkit Library so that we can regularly review when our topic has an Envato Marketplace API available for updating.

Once an upgrade is available, we show a hint in the administrator and redirect the current users to the plug-in for upgrade. First we have to add the Toolkit Libraries to our work. Please dowload the Envato WordPress Toolkit Library ZIP-files. Unpack it and copy the envato-wordpress-toolkit-library into the inc directory in your topic.

add_action ('admin_init','envato_toolkit_admin_init' ); The toolkit libary needs an Envato nickname and an interface access code for it to work. As we needed the toolkit plugin in the last tutorial, we can use the entered value for the keys Login and Application Programming Interface in the preferences. In case these boxes are not completed, we can show a hint asking the end users to type them into the toolkit plugin.

get_option ('envato-wordpress-toolkit'); add_action('admin_notices','envato_toolkit_credentials_admin_notices' ); return; we have to include the appropriate Hook feature outside to show our administration hint: $message = sprintf( __( "To activate notification of topic updating, please put your Envato Marketplace login in %s", "default" ), "check_for_theme_update(); // If $updates->updated_themes_count == real then we have an upgrade! At this point, you can choose to upgrade the design itself using the toolkit library feature $upgrader->upgrade_theme(), but I think it's often a good option to give the user a selection.

I suggest to show only a hint of a topic upgrade and allow the end users to upgrade with the toolkit plugin: add_action('admin_notices','envato_toolkit_admin_notices'); we need to show the feature that shows the hint outside our actual function: $message = sprintf( __( "An upgrade to the topic is available!

Go to %s to refresh it now. "admin.php? page=envato WordPress Toolkit Plugin" ); cho "{$message}"; Why use the plugin at all? If you think it's also possible to simply use the Toolkit library and not use the Toolkit plugin at all, then you might just show our own usernames and the API keys in our topic option.

This is possible, but the use of the plug-in brings us some advantages: When activating new themes, our topic would search for an update if the Toolkit plug-in was already previously in use. Toolkit plug-in can be upgraded by the user himself so that changes in the Marketplace API can be made to the WordPress instances without topic-guiding.

Both the Envato WordPress Toolkit Plugin and the Topic Updates Review Library have been included. As soon as an upgrade is available on the marketplace, our clients will receive an administrator message. Best of all, what we've done is they can simply run the upgrade without having to leave the administrator. Lemme know what you're thinking!

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