What is Internet and World Wide web

Is the Internet and the World Wide Web?

Whilst the Internet is a global network of computers, the World Wide Web is an extremely common application used online, and it uses the hypertext transmission protocol or http to navigate through various websites. Internet and the World Wide Web are not the same. In general, the Internet is referred to as a "network of networks". It' s the physical structure that links together networked systems around the world, encompassing everything from computer equipment (computers, server, cable and more) to softwares. If you use an application on your mobile device, you' re sending an IM, you' re transferring a filename directly from one computer to another using FTP, or you' re just sending an e-mail, use the Internet - but not necessarily the Internet.

Web is just another way to transmit information over the Internet, in this case by typing a character set named Consistent Resources locator (URL) into a web-browser.

Difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet

Today, humans speak more about the Web than about the Internet. World Wide Web and the Internet are not the same - the World Wide Web (which we call the Web because we are rotten writers) is living "above" the Internet. Internet's net is the heart of the web, and the web is like an appealing alien that needs the net to survive.

In about ten seconds, for example, you can get a listing of web pages that contain the term house fowl or your own name or the name of a books you want to learn more about. Click on the link below to see each page of the listing to find the information you are looking for.

Any page that your web browsers displays for you may contain more hyperlinks that take you to other places. Sites can be interlinked with other sites anywhere in the world, so when you're on the Internet you can end up viewing sites from Singapore to Calgary or from Sydney to Buenos Aires quicker than you can normally say "Bob's uncle".

In most cases, you are only a few seconds away from any location, anywhere in the world. The system of linked document is called hyper text. On the left, you can make direct connection to related information. Those hidden linkages between pages are like the thread of a spider's web - when you click from web page to web page, you can imagine the web generated by the link.

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