What is Jimdo

What's Jimdo?

The Jimdo (/?d??ndo?/) is a web hosting service.

The Jimdo is operated by Jimdo GmbH, a company based in Hamburg, Germany. Jimdo hosts the website on its servers. is an all-in-one bundled website solution. Which one is better for you?

Over Jimdo - Jimdo - Jimdo

Here is how it all began. While we were still at our schools, Friedrichjof and Christian already began to program web sites. And then the whole Jimdo thing was born: We founded Jimdo in 2007. Over the years, one thing has never changed: working at Jimdo still seems like part of a fellowship, like working with your mates.

You can be sure that you will sense the enthusiasm and dedication that goes into the development of our products. More than 20 million web sites have already been created with Jimdo. Businessmen, musician, photographer, person who could divide their projects on-line thanks to us, person who run successfull on-line shops and person who simply want to divide their passions with the whole family.

Your triumphal histories reminds us every day of what we have been through. It also reminds us of the easy truths that if you do what you want to do and want to do what you want to do and want to do what you want to do and want to do what you want to do. Have fun creating your website!

Jimdo? What's Jimdo?

The Jimdo Web Site is a web site hosted and controlled by Jimdo GmbH that enables Jimdo GmbH customers to set up their own web sites. WYSIWYG provides a web authentication tools that allows the user to see what they want (WYSIWYG), so they don't have to speak HTML to be able to make a website. Jimdo will host the Website on its server.

Founded in February 2007, Jimdo offers three kinds of web authentication and web serving services: JimdoFree, JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness. JimdoFree allows a user to create a website and post it on Jimdo server for free. Your website adress will end with ".jimdo.com" and there will be advertising on your web pages.

The JimdoPro and JimdoBusiness offer supplemental JimdoFree related products and service, which include the provision of web site hostings for the User's own domains, supplemental web site disk spaces, and no advertising. Jimdo service is used by many people, with over 10 million sites on Jimdo server in November 2013.

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