What is my Wordpress Theme

Which is my Wordpress topic?

topic evaluation team This is a reaction to the recent increase in discussions as well as the use of affilate and sponsorship within topics. They need to be tackled in a sensible way that is equitable for both user and topic author, without topics being allowed to display things that resemble spamming. Every hyperlink, advert, etc. should help the users to use this particular topic. Affiliateinks in general: affiliate referrals in and of themselves are fine.

Topics may only sell goods and provide a service that is directly related to the topic. Subordinate topics for this particular topic. This is a professional copy of the theme, in theme or plug-in format.

This is an add-on plug-in for this topic. Design-/Developmentervices. Topic assistance. Suggested plugins: Topics may not contain plug-in suggestions from third parties, neither via a hyperlink nor via TGMPA alone as part of a sponsoring with costs. Every plug-in endorsed by a plug-in (affiliate or otherwise ) must have some kind of topic intergration. Below is a listing of some things I consider to be topic-integrated.

themes uses plug-in hook to achieve the consistency of HTML templating. themes add additional stylesheet functionality to directly design plug-in parts. The topic will add user-defined masks to manage frontend printing. All types of sponsoring of backlinks should be forbidden. As an example, hosters should not have their link on a topic administration page that is not related to the topic itself.

A Theme Review team will hold a session and we recommend that all members participate. So if you would like to add discussion items to the above, please respond to this posting and add the item, along with a short outline of what you would like to talk about. Screen shots may only show text that does not suggest or describe any theme characteristics, functions or stats.

Text that does not describe your topic, your business, your services, or your product. Failure to do so may result in your design being exposed. Those words describe your opinions and not what the subject is. It is also prohibited to display topic stats in screen shots, e.g.: Top 100, most downloads, 5 star, etc.

One good example is an image cam symbol. You need to bundle them within the theme, do not use third parties wildcard directly (e.g. `placeholder.com`). From now on the wait for the Trusted Authors is 1 workweek. When you are a TA, you can post a new topic once a week instead of every two weeks. What do you want?

Part of this amendment is designed to increase the attractiveness of a TA so that all writers improve their play.

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