What is the Actual Time now

What's the actual time now?

Daylight saving time is not observed in this time zone. It'?s the argument against summer time. Sys. time and Sys.

Date provides the system's idea of the current date with and without time. Sys. Date returns the current day in the current time zone. Actual local time in Canada - Quebec - Montréal.

Timing functions and operations

In fact, all following described function and operator that require time or time stamp input are available in two variants: one that requires time with time zones or time stamp with time zones, and one that requires time without time zones or time stamps without time zones. Date'2001-09-28' plus whole number'7'Date'2001-10-05' +Date'2001-09-28' plus 1 hours interval'Timestamp'2001-09-28 01:00:00:00' +Date'2001-09-28' plus 03. time '03. time

00'timestamp'2001-09-28 03:00:00' +interval'1 day' +interval'1 hour' intervals'1 days 01:00:00' +timestamp'2001-09-28 01: 00' +interval'23 hours' timestamp'2001-09-29 00:00:00' +time'01:00' +interval'3 hours' time'04:00:00' --interval'23 hours' intervals'-23:00: 00' -Date'2001-10-01' -Iteger ' 7' Date'2001-09-24' -Date'2001-09-28' -Range ' 1 hour' Time stamp '2001-09-27 23: 00:00' -Time '05:00' - Time '03:00' -Range '02:00:00' -Time '05: 00' - Timeout'2 hours' Time'03:00:00' - Timeout'2001-09-28 23:00' - Timeout'23 hours' Timeout'2001-09-28 00:00:00' - Timeout'1 day' - Timeout'1 hour' Timeout'1 days -01:

00:00' -time stamp'2001-09-29 03:00' - time stamp'2001-09-27 12:00'interval'1 date 15:00:00' *900 * 1 second interval'1 second interval'00:15:00' *21 * 1 full stop interval'1 day'interval'21 days' * Twice the accuracy '3. 5' * 1 h rs intervals'03:30:00' /'1 h' intervals / twice the accuracy'1. 5'00:40:00' intervals In top of these features the SQL OVERLAPS operators are supported:

t,,,,,, This term returns true if two timeframes (defined by their endpoints) are overlapping, true if they are not. End points can be specified as a couple of date, time, or timestamps; or as a date, time, or timestamp followed by an intervall. If a value couple is provided, either the beginning or the end can be spelled first; OVERLAPS uses the previous value of the couple as the starting point by default.

Every time span is regarded as the half-open beginning of the intervall

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