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Which is the current time?

In the following you will find the current time in Spain. Map of the current time zones. Actual time in Alabama, United States of America So what time is it in Alabama, United States? Which are the most important towns here? Would you like to see the time in Alabama, United States in comparison to your home?

Select a date and time and then click Send, and we'll help you from Alabama, United States to converting it to your time in time.

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Only confirm the current time?

Time in Madrid: What is the current time in Spain?

In the following you will find the current time in Spain. In contrast to what it should be according to its geographic location, Spain has an advantage of one hour over its time zoning peers such as Portugal, Ireland, Great Britain and Morocco. Following the Washington DC 1884 meeting, the current system of time zoning was defined.

Spain, France, Belgium and Luxembourg then adopted the corresponding time zones - CET (Central European Time). During the Second World War, however, the civilian and politic situations were so turbulent that in 1942 summer time in early 1942 was not adjusted in the fall.

CET+1 was the offical time. It is because of this historic error that Spain is now governed by the Berlin era and not by the London era. In addition, Spain is subdivided into 2 time zones: It is also possible to take a look at the time zone chart to see the time gap between the current time in Spain and the time in your area.

In the European Union, it is customary to use summer time. At the same time, all members are changing it. Which are the summer times? In those evenings the watches are brought forward in summer, so that the afternoon has more light and the morning hours less. Summer time is used in the early part of the year, usually on the last week-end in March.

Therefore on Sunday mornings, the watches move from 2:00 to 3:00 and change the time zones from MEZ+1 to MEZ+2. The same is true for the last October week-end, when the watch is reset from 3 a.m. to 2 a.m. and DST ends. If you are planning to stay in Spain in early September or early September, you can watch the sun set at 21:00 or later.

Formal time is always given in 24-hour formats (also known as "military time" in the USA and Canada). The 24-hour time in the address is always followed by the words horas: el espectáculo comprenzará a read 20:30 hors, which means that the concerto starts at 20:30 (i.e. 20:30). Instead, when one speaks with Spaniards, the periods are given in 12 hours, and those between 1 and 11 are taken as having been taken at midday, unless someone says the opposite.

For more information about a certain time after lunch, it is de la tarde (in the afternoon) before sundown and de la nouche (at night) after sundown.

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