What is the Easiest way to Build a website

Which is the easiest way to create a website?

Lock in on the main route so customers can contact you. Creating a website Having been asked by many how to create a website, I have put together an easy-to-understand step-by-step manual for creating a website. Once you have read this step-by-step instructions on how to create a website, you have everything you need to get your website up and run in an hours. First of all, we need to choose the right website construction platforms to create the basis for your website.

Then you need to find a domainname and a webhosting company. As there are tonnes of vendors out there, you need to choose the vendor you want diligently, as it can affect the overall site experience, such as traffic speeds, uptime, etc., and the overall site experience. As soon as you have set up your domainname and webhosting services (takes only a few minutes), it is important to actually configure your website.

I' ll present WordPress, a free CMS plattform (Content Mangement System ) that is very easy to use to create professionally designed web sites in a few min. P.S. This page was built with exactly the same step I will guide you through! Creating a website is very similar to building a home, you need a sound base on which to build the home, otherwise you may face problems in the market.

It is the same case when you create a website, the choice of the right website build platforms is critical to the long-term viability of your website. Exactly what is a website creation plattform? The first time the web began, the only way to create a website was HTML coding and as you can guess, had a sharp learn curve going for newbies.

But the good thing is that by 2016 you have many possibilities when it comes to creating your website on a platform like e.g. Web Site Builder or CMS like WordPress. WordPress is a type of web site that allows anyone with any qualification or skills to create a web site that can be created and maintained without the need for a web designer/developer or programming skills.

Top 3 website construction platform for 2016: You can see in a W3Techs review that WordPress is the clear winner when it comes to website construction platform with 58% load factor. This means that every sixth website on the web is based on WordPress. Most of your most visited sites are built and run on WordPress, which includes this manual!

Why WordPress instead of the others? Apart from being the most favorite option for novices and professionals, there are other good reason why WordPress is the right tool to create your website. The WordPress is based on the open resource approach, which means that it is created with a community-based contributed contributor scheme and the licence to use the program is entirely free.

There is no need to build two different locations. If you create a website using WordPress, your website is created for display on your portable deviceutomatically. If you are beginning with a basic website and have aspirations to become a full-fledged e-commerce website, WordPress will be able to house and do anything you can think of.

The WordPress application has devoted a lot of effort to working on its UI to make it as undervalued as possible. When you can use Word, you can create, modify, and manage a high-quality Web site. WorldPress is used by billions of people and that means there is a vast supporting body, both official and unofficial.

They can also participate in a workshop that takes place in almost every larger town to find out more about WordPress. How about Drupal or Joomla as? It' certainly a very efficient CMS for very skilled webmasters and programmers, as it has a rather large study curves for novices.

Even by participating in DrupalCon, I found that especially the goverment and really big companies use these for in-house sites. It' a little simpler to study Joomla and has its advantages for a basket kind of website, but it requires more than an average understanding of the codes to beat it up.

WordPress is recommended because it is the easiest to use without any problems. Its very low learn curve as well as its infinite features are ideal for novices to create their website. Well since we know what website build platforms we are going to use, I will guide you through the act of getting your own Domainname for free along with web hosting so that you can start making your website with WordPress.

Can' t create your website for you, but I can certainly point you in the right direction. What I can do for you is to make sure that you have the right website for you. You have to be cautious when you register a domainname and for good reasons. The first impression is everything, and if your domainname has nothing to do with your website contents, it has a negative impact on the intended use of your website.

Want to make sure that you use the following selection criterion when choosing a domainname: Refers to the contents of your website. A very old quest, where should I sign up myomainname? Usually I let folks know that they should sign up their domains name with their hosters, it's much simpler this way and they will more than likely have it added to the site.

I will recommend a FREE web host that will provide a FREE web host for the duration of the subscription, this is a value of $14/year, totally free! Obviously there are a bunch of web hosters out there, some great, some okay and some terrible down right. Consider it this way, you can get a Hosting Gift for $12 per year, the probability that you will actually get the actual guest experience is almost none.

webhosting is cheap, easy and uncomplicated. Choosing the incorrect hosts can destroy your website before it is even made. I' d like to refer you to a cheap, well known and reputable web site named GreenGeeks. Here is their EcoSite schedule, which gives you everything you need to keep your website hosted and more.

There is also the free domainname, which I already mentioned in my talk in stage 1. Then you will see the order page, type in the name of the domainname you want to use. Please keep in mind that the name of the domainname is free when you log in to GreenGeeks. If you have already used another registration method, you can simply type your name in the "I already own a domain" field.

Click Next and you will be prompted to enter your bank information and invoice number. When you are finished, click Create My account. Create your web host accounting. Usually it takes one hours for your bank to become operational. And now that the name of the domainname and the webhosting are done, it's finally your turn to download WordPress!

Please note: If you have your domainname enrolled outside GreenGeeks, you will need to modify your name server on the domainname to the one specified in the email with the credentials you receive from GreenGeeks. Are you wondering what the hell is WordPress and why should I have it installed on my hosting accoun?

WorldPress is a free of charge CMS that has been used by Blogger and Developer for many years. Allows you to easily build web sites without HTML skills. It is very adaptable and a very powerfull utility for building professionally looking web sites. Utilities such as theme selection allow you to choose free topics that are widely used on the web to help you make your website look professionally without having to spend a penny on designer.

It' also great for great looking plug-ins that make your job easy, like "All in one SEO" that does all the necessary work to make sure you get maximal exposure to your website's webmasters. Manual installation of WordPress can be a difficult job for some, especially if you are new!

Sign in to your GreenGeeks profile, usually at https://www.greengeeks.com/login/. As soon as you are signed in, make sure you are in the cPanel of your web host client computer. Here you can administer all facets of your accounts, I suggest you take a look around to familiarize yourself with the utilities available to you for your web site host.

You will then land on a page that shows you the "Top Scripts", you want to move your mouse over WorldPress and click on Installation. It prompts you to enter information about the installation, such as your e-mail adress, your Microsoft Office username/password, and other essential setup items. Hint: There will be a box named Install in Directory, leaving this box empty.

If not, a subfolder will be created and this is not what you want. After you have completed all the information, click Install. You now have a fully functional WordPress-based website with the standard topic that you can change later. Let us continue with the setup of your website! If you want to set up your website, you must login to the setup area that you can access:

The name of this page is WordPress Dashboard. Everything you do with your website is done via the dashboard. The " At the moment " section contains a section with fast links to articles, pages, tag, categories and commentaries. Also, watch out for the "Update" pushbutton, it's important to keep your WordPress client up to date!

Posting - This is more commonly used when your site acts as a blogs. Look - Here WordPress is completely astonishing. You can fully customise the look of your website by using topics, menu, widgets and more. Add-ons - There are hundreds of plug-ins that make your website more cool or your lives simpler to manage things.

Search the section on plug-ins to find out what you are looking for. User - You can give other persons permission to change your website, post articles, pages, etc. Preferences - Here you administrate the configurations of your WordPress setup, e.g. site name, address, date form, medium preferences, comments, etc.

What good is creating a website if nobody will ever find it? This is it.... You have your web site address, your web host your web host your web page your web site your web site web host your web site your web site your web site your web site your web site your web site your web site your web site your web site your web site your web site. Get out and tell everyone about your website and look for other places from which you can be interlinked.

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