What is the Exact Time right now

What's the exact time right now?

Starts on the last Sunday in March and ends on the last Sunday in October. 24-hour military time system The first time you listen to someone in the army who gives you time, you may need to stop for a few seconds doing fast mathematics to set the time of night. If you have grown up in the army budget, you are probably not aware of the way the army displays time.

On the other hand, the army works outside a 24-hour hour and starts at 12 o'clock (0000 o'clock). So 1 AM is zero one hundred (0100) hour, 2 AM is zero two hundred (0200) hour, and so on until 23:00, which is 2300h. From midday (1200 hours) to translating the normal time in the afternoons and evenings, just adding 12 additional hour to meet your army standard.

Example: 1 PM is 1300 hr and 17 PM is 1700 hr. Most of the day-to-day things, the army uses time as a benchmark. Or in other words, "report for work at seven hundred (0700) o'clock" would mean that you must be at work at 7 o'clock in the morning, your work time. "Commander wants to see you at fifteen hundred (1500)," means you have to be in the commander's desk at 3:00 p.m. locale time.

Using locale time, the army takes summer time into account when it is recognised by the state or land where the basis is situated. Operations (such as communication, drills, operations, movement of planes, etc.) often require the coordination of the armed forces with support points and staff in other time zone areas.

In order to prevent confusions, the army uses in these affairs the time in Greenwich, England, generally known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The US Army, however, calls this time a Zulu time and they add the extension "Zulu" (Z) to make sure that the time is clear. To facilitate orientation in communication, a character of the alpha was allocated to each time zone. Thus, each time zones was defined as a time area.

Greenwich time zone, England, has been allocated the character "Z." The German word for time zone is "Z." The German word for the character "Z" is "Zulu". Romeo is the name given to the east coast of the United States. An example could be a soldier's news or communications saying, "The vessel will be overrun into the operational area (AOO) around 1300Z.

" This means the vessel would be arriving at the AOO when it's 1:00 in Greenwich, England. If this becomes bewildering, is when you need to be translating to the actual time at your site. is five and a half hour later than Greenwich Mean Time.

So 1300Z at GMT is the same as 0800 at the east coast. For the sake of even more confusion, the number changes when the United States adheres to daylight saving time (summer time). Instead of 5 hrs later than Greenwich Mean Time, the east coast of the United States in March (2nd Sunday) and November (1st Sunday), the time differential is therefore six hrs.

During the summer time, the east coast of the United States is marked with the Q-Brief ( Quebec). Then why is the army calling Zulu time this time?

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