What is the Exact Time with seconds

Exact time with seconds?

Run with the exact time first. Exactly what time does it take planet earth to rotate around its orbit? We have a 23 -hour, 56-minute long working days and each year it slows down by an infinite (but measurable) amount due to loss of tide. There is a link between our days and the elements, with the solar power driving all our meteorological system so that warming over every part of the earth takes place every single passing passing of time, but apart from that your questions don't make much use of.

Changes in the meteorological conditions can occur at the same time as you are living (24-hourly), but here in Scotland we still have low levels of dependability, even with a 3-day forecasting, as the UK meteorological system is so sophisticated that the sun's heat is driving different streams of fresh water.

I still can't figure out what you mean after your fix. Differences in precision exist, but this is compensated by lease seconds and years. It'?s got nothing to do with the wheather. Shorts and longest day pass when they enter and are quantifiable.

Precise time for Johannesburg - South Africa

The system is sometimes erroneously called the " Julyan date ", while the Juliet date is a continuous counting of the number of consecutive pages since date 0 from 1 January 4713 B.C. Greenwich midday, Juliet midday date (or midday on the date of ISO -4713-11-24, which uses the Gragorian midday calendar).

Relates to a minutes between 00 and 59. Relates to a second between 00 and 60 (where 60 is used only to represent an additional lease second).

Thus a time can appear either as "134730" in base size or "13:47:30" in expanded size. Omitting lower order time items to reduce precision is also acceptable: all are used. Mitternacht is a particular case and can be described as both "00:00" and "24:00". Please be aware that "2007-04-05T24:00" is the same time as "2007-04-06T00:00" (see below for date and time combinations).

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