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Noun. a theme of discourse, discussion, meditation or composition; theme: An issue in a piece of writing, lecture or discussion is an important idea or issue that goes through it. One of the central themes of the novel is the ongoing conflict between men and women. One theme is a short, simple melody on which a piece of music is based.

An issue can be a fundamental theme of a discussion or a recurring idea in an artistic work.

Theme" example (theme)

It is our belief that this provisional information will help to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the issues that have been addressed. Every research into the travelogue and the arts it contains must take these issues into consideration. A number of topics can be followed through these four collections, but the writers handle their topics differently. They have experienced an endless number of changes to a relatively small number of topics.

Others, such as the importance of shadows to savage man, are flickering through these outlines. If you remember the pictures and topics of the 70s - especially the late 70s - it's hard to see how poor things really were. Computer evolution has been and is influenced by various issues involving the human being.

Legalist proportions, politics of consent, treason, cultural balkanisation and hierarchical society are the fundamental topics of both volumes. Issues related to the major topics of the text. Another focal point of the extensive research was the roll and structuring of topics of grammar and information structures in academic writings. It was one of his permanent topics that theories must not become dogmas.

I' m thinking of subjects like landscapes, bodies and architectures. There are many topics like the Weltberg, the Weltbaum, the detached Kopf in the center of the globe and similar topics. Narrative nationalism constructs our societal memories with fragmented pictures and topics from the past materials cultures.

Related constructions such as moral value and issues of living are entangled in the idea of individual meaning.

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The sample phrases are chosen from various on-line message resources to represent the actual use of the term "topic". Please provide us with feedback: the primary topic that will be debated or described in a letter, film, etc. The room is adorned with a tropic theme.

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