What is the Real Time right now

So what's the real time right now?

With Real-Time you can monitor the activity on your website or app. All About Real Time - Analytics Help Monitors the activities on your website or application. With Real-Time you can track the activities on your website or application. Reporting is continually refreshed and each match is notified seconds after it happens. You can see, for example, how many persons are currently on your website, what pages or incidents they are interfacing with, and what target transformations have taken place.

Real time is available in all Analytics account. Go to Report. When you click Real Time. Real-Time allows you to immediately and continually track the impact of new campaign and website changes on your visitors. Below are some of the ways you can use Real-Time: Live reporting is not compliant with view activated by the user ID.

When your real-time information looks wrong, verify which filter is applying to the display. It can take up to two working hours to make changes to your viewing experience in real time. When you don't see any information in your real-time logs, it is possible that there are no current usersĀ . The real-time coverage is sometimes temporary disabled in unaccessed screens, but is enabled again after a real-time coverage is visited in that screen.

If real-time reports are exposed, there is no impact on capturing information or any other report service. Because of a shift in the way Universal Analytics transmits and saves real-time report information on campaigns, it is possible that a particular person will no longer be identified as originating from a particular survey during a unique meeting, but as a recommendation.

You will see this only in real-time messages; default messages map data transfer and converting properly. A future release of real-time coverage will not have this problem. Meanwhile, however, you should pay attention to the recommendation numbers in real-time Reporting and properly interprete them. In order to resolve this problem, you can either enforce the submission of Campaign information for each match within a meeting, or use default messages (instead of real-time) to analyze or report the number of recommendations.

For more information about the report and its interpretation, see Using Real-Time Reporting.

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