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It'?s time in California, United States? Locate time, date, and weather for California, USA from an original source in online time tracking.

Timezones in the United States

What are the time zone levels in the United States? Actually, there are 9 time zoning laws in the US and their interdependencies, but summing the time zoning of 2 US inhabited areas gives a grand aggregate of 11 time zoning. Bordering USA has 4 default time zone. Furthermore, Alaska, Hawaii and 5 US departments all have their own time zone.

Since neither Hawaii nor the 5 addictions use summer time (summer time), there are only 6 corresponding summer time zone. Timezones in the neighboring USA are often designated by their common name, without making a distinction between the terms daylight saving time and daylight saving time. Eastern Time (ET), for example, relates to Eastern Default Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), whichever is currently in use.

This means in practical terms that the locale time in these time zone changes when summer time begins and ends. Please note: In these time zone, when daylight saving time begins and ends, the time changes in your area. Above time zone is used during other seasons. After the next time the time is changed, they become activated again when summer time begins or ends.

US addicts don't use summer time. On November 18, 1883, the USA was subdivided into 4 default time zone areas, and the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) was given responsibility for the area. The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has been in charge of time zone management in the United States since 1967.

Timezones in the USA are described in the U.S. Code, Title 15, Section 6, Subsection IX - Standard Time. Timezones in the Act are determined by their offsets to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). There' 9 officially time zone by statute. Furthermore, the unoccupied Baker Island (AoE) and Wake Island (WAKT) atoles contribute to the time zoning, so 11 is the overall number of time zoning in the US.

Nearly all states in the USA use daylight saving time (summer time).

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