What is the use of Wordpress

How does Wordpress benefit you?

WordPress - Why you should use WordPress Here is a 20 count of why you should use WordPress. Here is why you should use WordPress: About 30% of all web pages on the web use WordPress. WordPress is used by more than every fourth website you visit. There is a good point why all these web pages decide to use WordPress! That'?

s what this article is about.

This means that WordPress is not only loved for all web sites, but especially for web sites with a pre-built CMS. Joomla, the next rival with 6.8%, does not even come near WordPress. WordPress' massively plug-in eco-system outperforms all other CMSs.

Besides plug-ins, WordPress also provides a crazy set of topics for your website. Using theming you can precisely manage what your website looks like without having to know a line of coding. Find dozens of free topics on WordPress.org, with dozens more on free classifieds and third-party developer sites.

WordPress Translations Translators have localized WordPress into 169 different tongues. A lot of plugs also provide translations, and you can simply build a multi-lingual website with plugs like Polylang or Weglot. Whilst many small sites use WordPress, you can also find tonnes of big brand names with WordPress. A few of the well-known trademarks that already use WordPress:

WordPress itself is free and you can find many free topics and plug-ins that you can use to create your website. This means that your only inevitable fix cost is inexpensive WordPress web sitehosting and a domain name. Altogether, it is possible to run a simple WordPress site for only ~$60 per year, although you will be exceeding this if you want to get premier plugins or topics.

Since WordPress is the most beloved CMS in the word, there is a vast supporting eco-system for everything that has to do with WordPress. A lot of blog posts WordPressutorials, and there are also special WordPress supportforums, as well as useful, beginner-friendly videos. Due to its vast plug-in eco-system, you can use WordPress for everything from the creation of an e-commerce shop to starting a Yelp folder to setting up a community networking site and much more.

This means that WordPress today is much more than just a blogsite. WorldPress has recently turned its REST API into a major focal point, giving designers the ability to build all types of interesting applications from WordPress. In the future you will be able to use all your WordPress contents in new and interesting ways.

WordPress lets you continue to use your preferred e-mail merchandising tool, payments gateway and more. The large number of plug-ins allows you to connect WordPress to the most beloved third-party website utilities. And if you don't like third-party content, WordPress also makes it simple to keep everything in your Dashboard.

And if you want to go in the opposite directions of using third-party utilities, you can create an e-mail mailing lists, mail your newsletter, and much more... all without leaving the WordPress dashboard. WordPress's key focus is to make the WordPress application available to everyone. Each year WordPress organizes tonnes of WordCamps and meetings around the globe.

Those meetings offer the possibility to connect with like-minded people and to get news about WordPress. Even if you may not be using the benefits immediately, these funny activities are an asset as you become more acquainted with WordPress. Partly as a reaction to website builder like Squarespace and Wix, WordPress has duplicated itself to make itself even more user-friendly for novices.

This means that WordPress strives to be as simple to use as Squarespace...while retaining its huge edge in versatility. Functions like the real-time WordPress Customizer help you to optimize your website slightly, even if you know nothing about it. It was this one occasion when WordPress got busted leading rockets.

WordPress has a dominating overall audience but is also used by a large part of the top animal websites. 23%, a variety of the 10,000 best-selling websites in the globe run on WordPress. There is no other CMS that comes near this. SEO is indispensable to bring your WordPress page to your audience.

With plug-ins like Yast SOE, All in One SOE and more, it's unbelievably simple to optimise WordPress without having to be a coding engineer. The only thing you have to do is set up some default options, and the plug-ins do the work. Even better, some plug-ins analyse your contents and provide proposals.

Even if you don't know anything about AEO, you can still optimise your contents by following the suggestions of a plug-in. However, every WordPress topic today has support for what is known as responsive styling, which means that your WordPress page is scaled to look great on any machine. When you can generate a text in Microsoft Word, you can generate a reformatted article in WordPress.

Never mind complex codes - WordPress formats your text as easily as just pressing a few keys, just like your preferred text editing tool. When you want to do a stitch on WordPress yourself, we have a number of instructions on how to get WordPress installed, what kind of web host you can select and then how to create certain kinds of web sites with WordPress, including:

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