What is Theme Music

Mm-hmm. What's theme music?

Topic music is a piece that is often written specifically for a radio programme, television programme, video game or film and is usually played during the intro, opening credits and/or endgame. Topic music definition: music played at the beginning and end of a show or movie | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. It depends on the theme song. On the title song for the TV show Sound Tracks by the band Of Monsters and Men. The strength and abilities of a character are directly proportional to how cool their personal theme music is.

Chart_history">Chart history[edit]

"Théme from S.W.A.T." is an original piece by Barry De Vorzon, played by the US radio group Rhythm Heritage, published on their début Disco-Fied. The band achieved number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 single charts in the United States on February 28, 1976. It was the opening music for the 70's S. W. A. T. TV show, although it was a very different record from the TV theme itself, not by Rhythm Heritage, but by Barry De Vorzon's own band with an adaptation by Dominik Hauser.

It was also mentioned by a character in the 2003 movie of the same name who pronounced the sheet music during a celebration to mark the end of their course. The Vorzon's originals were finally published on the LP Nadia's Theme on Artist Record. One of a few TV topics that leads the Billboard Hot 100 is still left, a listing with "Welcome Back" by John Sebastian, "Miami Vice Theme" by Jan Hammer and "How Do You Speak to an Angel" by The Heights.

Meanwhile in Canada, the THP Orchestra's discotheque versions of the songs hit the number one spot in the R&M charts in the same year as the US one. 1987 the rappers and actors LL Cool J sampling the track for his singles "I'm Bad" from his albums LL Music. Later LL Cool J also played in the movie of S. W. A. T. in 2003. In 2003 the rapport-group Hot Action Cop used the track as a model for a track called Samuel Jackson, which was used as the theme for the movie adaption of S. W. A. T. with Samuel L. Jackson.

Ray Conniff and his band had a slight hit in 1976 with their Columbia Records covers of "The The The Theme From SWAT".

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