What is Themeforest

Which is the theme forest?

ThemeForest is a huge marketplace with ready-made themes for a variety of CMS platforms and HTML websites. Envato owns ThemeForest, which offers several different websites under its trademark, including CodeCanyon, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver and others. Options include static templates and themes for various content management systems. It is not surprising that the WordPress oriented part of Themeforest products is the largest and most popular.

Eight main reason why we almost never use ThemeForest Themes.

Are you using ThemeForest topics for your customers? Throughout the years, when I created web sites for customers, I was asked about many different TF topics. Of course, I did tell them what I thought. As a rule, the answer is "What is incorrect about ThemeForest? But if you don't want to want to reread all that and just want to use the alternate we've committed ourselves to (after we've tried almost everything), we'll use this page creator as well as this add-on package.

Containing a variety of template and options right out of the box, they make it incredibly simple to create web sites. Okay, first of all... not ALL topics on TF are poor. It is a real game of chance if you choose a topic because you simply do not know enough before buying. "What about the odds on the stars?

Once I used to love the Stern Review system, but many difficult topics have almost flawless reviews. Over the years we have created many web sites and used many topics, especially when the client's budgets are smaller. As a ThemeForest topic was no issue, I can number the number of iterations.

and things were going great... for a while. You' ll be installing the design, asking for 10 plug-ins to go with it, 4 different faders you'll never use, and a horrible page builder*. You probably wouldn't buy the motor if it was completely rusty (or had 4 built-in sliders).

You have a hundred different ways to create a homepage, and each topic seems to do it differently. Are you building the homepage completely with Widget, Section (Custom Mail Type), a Page Builders or something else? Nor can you see how well (or badly) the topic is structured, which plug-ins it forces you to use, or a lot of other things that can cause problems later.

All All theplugs! Can' t recall the last time we used a plugin that was not downloaded with additional plugs that you will never use. A few templats will ask for several plug-ins that will do the same if you want to use one of them (look at the slider again). Plug-ins are also often the cause of weaknesses that cause websites to be compromised.

Revolutions have been used in a large number of TF-topics. That' s not so much a issue with TF itself, but what happens after folks buy the template. Several sites have been adopted which began as TF topics but had to be adapted to the client's needs. This sometimes means that changes must be made that are not compatible with upcoming releases of the topic or require one of the plug-ins.

And one of the greatest killer is Visual Composer. Many designs come with Visual Composer by standard. We' ve legacy to several sites where Visual Composer would not even download due to some website bugs. The use of a topic with Visual Composer is still one of my greatest sorrows.

A few template files contain their own page creator, which was developed especially for this topic. We have already mentioned that many topics will invite many useless things. How to create plug-ins, slider, page creators, etc. In addition, there is usually a lot of additional coding in the topic itself. The " multipurpose topic " of AKA.

Lots of template pages give you the ability to create testimonials, team members, customers, slides, event, This, That and any other thing you want to include on your website. Have you noticed the topic you have in mind? Sometimes TF topics do something that should be so easy, so fucking complicated. Occasionally originals are drawn from the market place.

So, what are you supposed to do? Having created many web pages and inherited badly constructed web pages over the years, this is a subject I am quite interested in. ThemeForest isn't really the biggie. So long as "all in one" issues sell, humans will keep making them.

ThemeForest will keep selling them. After trying almost everything, the option we agreed on is this page creator using a Drag & Drops feature and this add-on package. Containing a variety of template and options right out of the box, they make it incredibly simple to create web sites.

When you hire a pro to design your website, please ask him not to use ThemeForest. Once you have the money, come back and speak to a programmer to make you something great that will work for years.

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