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You' ll learn about the hosting provider, the physical location of a Web site, the change history of a Web site's IP address, and DNS information. The Whois details, AdSense Publisher ID, and Google Analytics code of websites are displayed to find other web domains that may belong to the same owner. Explore what web hosting a website uses, plus hosting reviews, comparisons, coupons, buyer guides and more.

All the best online tools to learn all about a website.

What can I do to get in touch with the website owners? What is a specific website that you host? Which other sites are hosting on the same one? Which advertising network do they use to monetise a website? These are some of the most useful on-line utilities that will help you to know every detail of a website.

Let's start. just-ping.com - Use Just Publishing to see if a particular website or a particular blogs is available from other states. In contrast to other on-line tablet sites that offer tablet based facilities in some places, Just Point has 30 sites around the globe, among them Turkey, Egypt and China. And if the results show 100% packet loss, the site is unlikely to be reachable from that area. Who is - If you want to know the website owner's physical location, e-mail and telephone number, this free wois makeup will help.

It is a general reference tool, i.e. it can search the wois data base of all common domains at the same time. whoishostingthis.com - Type the address of any website and this on-line tool will show you the name of the organisation where this website is located. You can use this if you need the web host provider's contacts information to write a DMCA message or if you want to change the web host. us - You can use us to appreciate the relatively widespread nature of a website on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

If there is a copyrighted claim against a website, a copy of this notice will be filed in the Chilling Effects data base. Everyone can consult this publicly accessible data base to find out any claims of intellectual property infringements against a particular website. ms - msip. ms - msip. provides a complete review of any website or I.P. address.

You' ll learn about the hoster, the site's whereabouts, the IP address changes of a site, and DNA information. Netzcraft also provides similar reviews. ewhois.com - Evhois, meaning improved wwis looksup, will help you find someone else's website. Displays the website's weris-level details, AdSense Publisher ID, and Google Analytics web site identifier to find other web domains that may be owned by the same person.

Watch example. builtwith.com - Use BuildWith to know the build stacks of each website. This will help you find the email marketing company of a given domains, the affiliates, the tracking-widgets that are deployed on a website and whether the website uses a CDN such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud.

If you want to analyse your competitor's website, this is a useful working environment for you. The SEMrush will help you find out what kind of natural human keyswords are used to find a website, what is the site visitor and what are the competitive sites. net - When you buy a new website or move from one hosting to another, the DNA data sets for the changes are stored and it may take a while for these changes to spread around the world.

WatsMyDNS checks your DNA entries from different sites and can verify the A, CNAME and MX entries of your domains. i. e. - This on-line application helps you to test the interoperability of your website with different web browser and recognizes programming bugs that could cause trouble. BrowserStack integrates with the website so you can quickly see what your website looks like on different gadgets and web browser's. developers.google.com - Find the page speed values of any website on desktops and mobiles.

And the higher that number, the better. Google provides suggestions on how to improve your scores. Google org/sandbox - - The Google Web site shows the different types of ads that are targeted at a website, and it also helps you find out whether or not a particular web site is prohibited on the Google Web site traffic management system. HTTP Archive is a collection of key data for a website.

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