What is Wab

Wab? What's Wab?

We invented the word wab in Scotland, I can guarantee that. Real definition goes something like this: WAB definition in Slang/Internet Slang. WAB stands for what? The Scottish and dialectal English version of the web.

WAB what is it? WAB opens what? WhatIs.com file format listing

The WAB is a Windows address book filename extensions used by Outlook and Outlook Express. The WAB data stores name, postal and e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. The WABs are similar to the PABs used in Outlook or the more general VCFs. Find out more about WAB files:

Have a look at our Outlook Cheat Sheet. Please go to the Microsoft outlook express how-to website. Find an answer to your Microsoft Outlook Express related queries at IT Knowledge Exchange. To find an answer to a specific topic related to Microsoft Outlook Express, see IT Knowledge Exchange. You can ask your colleagues a query about this filename expansion. Obviously the Outlook.pst message was damaged, how to fix it?

WAB - what does it mean? - definition of WAB - significance of WAB

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