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This service offers free and premium website hosting plans and its own pre-defined website building service. Web is a decent website builder with handy tools and applications that help you create a website without writing code. Via Webs: Overview of companies | Webs Websites was created by three friars with one goal: to help individuals go live without requiring engineering skill or a large investment. Everybody knows what we have to do, from the engineer writing the source tree to the tech staff helping you use the source tree - and we have a great time doing it.

Web makes the small enterprise marketplace easy. No matter whether you go live, appeal to your clients, or are willing to expand your businesses, our on-line marketplace can help you achieve your objectives. You do not own a small company? Quickly create a professionally designed website with nice, customizable layouts and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop user experience - without coding.

Build a powerful collaborative brand image, maintain your profile and interact with your clients in one place. Over the next few years, as the Web exploded, executives saw new ways to help small businesses thrive in an increasingly digitized age.

Pagemodo and ContactMe have consequently been integrated into the web portal and offer do-it-yourself socially responsible advertising and contacts services. Vistaprint, a leader in on-line merchandising, took stock in 2011 of the innovation that webs have brought to our merchandising and saw the opportunity for huge synergies.

Webs was taken over in December 2011 and is now a Vistaprint affiliate, maintaining a distinctive start-up-inspired corporate identity. If you look at the colorful Web site in Washington, DC, it doesn't take long to get an impression of the corporate cultural landscape. Communications flow around the free spaces - from supporting to merchandising to the products.

Web FAQ, Help, Customer Support & Contact Center

Webs Why? That' s why over 50 million users have opted for the web to run their websites, and over 20,000 new websites are added every year. Webs allows you to effortlessly build and manage your own website forever, for free! As well as our free page refresh services, Webs provides premium service updates that can be purchased at any point in our site.

Some of these are getting a user-defined domainname (e.g. yourname.com), getting your own e-mail address, deleting advertisements from your website, accessing prime functions and much more. As long as you keep logging in to your web site accounts, your site will stay online for free. Is it possible to run a company on the web?

Several hundred thousand small companies use the web for their webpages. There are also premium services such as the option to sign up a user-defined domainname (such as your name. com) to give your site a truly polished look. How much are your premium services and how much do they charge? Premium services provide great improvements for your Web site, such as ad removal, assigning a customized domainname, and updating disk size and bandwith.

Please refer to our Premium Services page for a comparative table and prices. Should you have any queries regarding the creation, maintenance or updating of your website, or have any issues, please log in and access our support portal. There are many ressources to help you create a great website, as well as an energetic fellowship of web professionals.

Premier clients also have 24/7 wireless hotline coverage. When you' re looking for visitor numbers, we provide you with a full range of advertising materials specifically targeted at attracting new users to your website. When you want to keep your site privately, we provide security passwords to help ensure that unauthorized users do not see your work.

Since the promotion of our company's activities to the sale of our own goods, our company has developed hundreds of thousand of web-based companies. If I need a domainname like myname.com or have a domainname I want to commit, what can I do? With the purchase of our Premium Domains you can always register your own individual Domainname with the corresponding e-mail-address.

It is also possible to move your current domains bought elsewhere to your website. I' m having problems settling my premium services, who can I turn to? In order to make changes to your invoice details, terminate your premium services, or apply for a refund, please log into your accounts and go to the Support page to talk to a Coach.

If I find indecent or unlawful materials on a website, where do I go? If you wish to file a claim or inform Web sites of a breach of our policy, please click here. Provides web telephone assistance? Telephone assistance is included as part of our Pro package. And we have a strong social forums where you can get help from the web communities and the web employees.

What can I do to unsubscribe and remove my web site membership? Cancellation or closure of your website and your bank details is possible at any moment. Log in to Webs with your e-mail/password combo. If you want to remove a website, click the Remove Website button. When you log in with a user name and your passphrase combined, log in and click on the "Site Settings" button.

You' ll find a shortcut to deleting an existing page at the bottom right of the Page Settings page. How are the cancel and return policies for the premium service of Web sites? We offer a 30-day, hassle-free rebate policy for all premium service except domains or domains acquired with a voucher.

In order to apply for a reimbursement or terminate the extension of your premium services, please log in and go to the "Support" page to talk to an account manager. Please go to our Help Centre or log in to your user name and password and click on the "Support" button for more help.

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