What is Wix website Builder

Wix Website Builder - What is it?

How come Wix is much more than a "Website Builder"? It' s no secret: Wix is an on-line website creation tool that lets you create your own nice website without having to know a single word of it. However, as your website ripens, you may need extra, easy-to-use utilities to improve your web site. Fortunately, the Wix family of products is packed with intuitively designed utilities that can help you administer your whole company on-line.

Ton of small entrepreneurs have already spotted these extra Wix functions and use them every day to keep their operations running smooth. Strong complements to your website ranging from useful tools to funny and engaging applications that enhance your website experience. Website-Planner: A big gain in your website design schedule.

You can now find out what your guests really think. Alive Chat: Respond to your queries, establish connections and grow revenue by interfacing with your website audiences via the Alive Channel. Disseminate the message about your company or website with this great e-newsletter. The creation of an on-line shop does not have to be any longer the expenditure, which it once was.

The Wix eCommerce solutions allow you to build an on-line shop and begin to sell on the same date. Integrate Facebook with your Facebook shop: Imports your Facebook shop to your Facebook page and increases your purchases from it. Allows you to keep track of your assets directly from your Wix Stores and update your Facebook page in a real-time manner.

Managing inventory: With Wix you can make fast shop upgrades directly from your account page, so you don't have to call the editors every single visit. Bring yourself a nice, optimised website for your mobility that is generated from the content of your desktops so that your company is reachable from all your equipment and your clients can shop more.

Customise the look & feel of your shop: Simple click-to-edit editing utilities and countless style choices (such as colour, resize, lay-out and more) allow you to build the on-line storefront you've always dreamt of. Multi method of payment: You can choose to pay by PayPal, WebMoney or Skrill from your merchant's basket to provide your shoppers with the securest and most reliable way to purchase.

Promote and advertise discount code to promote your simply added coupon businesses. There are no more of those times when your day-to-day operations are distributed across many different platform and it's a big effort. Now there are features that you can incorporate into your website to help you address the different facets of your company.

Get a better grasp of what works (and what doesn't) so you can deliver a better web experiences and keep ahead of the game. Personalised Google Mailboxes: An important part of the brand-name package: you get your own personalised, brand-name e-mail inbox. With Google Apps for Business, you can easily make a real impact and get your corporate brand image going.

Freephone Numbers: Get a freephone line with one of our free calling phones so you can be reached easily. Finance Tools: Treat your finance with applications like Wave. Interested in bringing your company on-line? Build a free website with Wix!

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