What is Wordpress

Wordpress what?

However, in non-geek language it is probably the simplest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) available today. WorldPress. com is a decent blog hosting service provider.

We use WordPress for 5 reasons[UPDATED 2017]

By far WordPress is the most beloved Open Sourced Content Management System (CMS), which is used by about 75 million web sites. WorldPress can be installed, deployed and updated free of charge. Hundreds of plug-ins and plug-ins form a single, easy-to-use user experience that cuts design cost and uptime. By far, WordPress has the biggest CMS segment and currently makes up over a fourth of all web sites.

Consequently, many people are already comfortable with WordPress CMS, so less personnel development is required when creating a new website. W3Tech poll shows that the division of web sites with a clearly identified CMS is among the 1 million topomains. You can host WordPress yourself, so there is no cost to download, install, and update.

More than 50,000 WordPress plug-ins are available (often free of charge), such as slide shows, contacts, optimized WordPress, etc. You will find inspirations in 12 plugs that our Dev-Team love. Wordprocessor is well-liked because it satisfies the needs of many end-customers with a flexible publishing environment that allows creators and programmers to design and change layout and application.

In conjunction with user-generated enhancements, Web sites are no longer constrained by business enhancements. We have a highly experienced staff that can extend WordPress capabilities and integrate a variety of plug-ins to suit the individual needs of our customers. WordPress was designed for non-technical Blogger before it became a favorite CMS for website developers.

Thus, most UI elements are simple to use, and there are manual and record books to learn the operation of WordPress features with ease. We offer one of the premier plug-ins we offer to our customers, providing both WordPress manual and WordPress content users guides to make on-boarding with the CMS easier.

DeviousMedia says that compared to other open source CMS like Drupal and Joomla, WordPress causes less set-up, adjustment and maintanance work. In addition, it is relatively easy to find WordPress designer and developer when more customizations or developments are required in the near term. WorldPress can be a fast profit for the improvement of your customers satisfaction.

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