What is Yolasite

What's Yolasite?

That message is an elaborate phishing scam. This type of phishing scam is popular with cybercriminals. It is part of a general website called yolasite.com, where many people can set up web pages for free.

Attention! Watch out for this Facebook "YouTube" fraud game.

Could you believe Facebook's been around for over a ten years? You' probably guess, there's another con that's making the round on facebook that you need to know about. Facesbook people receive news that seem to be from one of their mates. The " boyfriend " says in the news that there is a movie of you on YouTube that has received a large number of opinions.

You will also find a clickable hyperlink to view the film. It' s an expensive kind of phishing fraud. Actually, there's really no videotape. If you click on it, you will end up on a bogus website.

In fact, the scam page looks like a Facebook log-in page, claiming that you need to re-enter your access information to see the game. When you give your user name and your passphrase to fraudsters, they can take over your bankroll and use it for evil purposes. Folks on your friend roster are gonna get this kind of scam from you.

Scammers could also make this fraud a more serious menace. Rather than just steal your login information, you can turn the bad streaming connection into any number of threats, such as malware. This type of fraud is one of the most common means of getting involved with cyber criminals. Make sure you're really able to detect a phone tag so you don't fall prey to it.

It is better to enter the website directly into a web page than to click on a hyperlink. If you ever click on a hyperlink, move your cursor over it to see where it will take you. When the target does not match what the hyperlink says, do not click on it.

Please click here to perform our VoIP IQ test to see if you can detect a bogus e-mail. Perform an on-line query - If you get a message that appears questionable, you should perform an on-line query on the subject. When it comes to fraud, there are probably folks who talk about it on-line and you can find more information.

If so, you could look for "Facebook YouTube Fraud" and see that it is a fraud. Look out for misspellings - phone fraud is notorious for having misspellings. In this case, you have at least two types of checks, such as a passphrase and a safety issue, before logging into vulnerable account(s).

Do you have a powerful safety program - A powerful gadget protector for your gadget is very important. Powerful anti-virus is the best defence against today's threat. And now that you know how to detect a phishing assault, you're well equipped to prevent the latest scams on Facebook. Look out for that mad Facebook clinching fraud!

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