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About Plugins Wordpress Website with Use of

To find out which WordPress plugin a website uses There' a lot of WordPress plug-ins out there. Every day a newer and possibly more exiting WordPress plug-in is released either on the WordPress plug-in repository or on a high-quality WordPress marketing platform. New WordPress plugins I like to discover. It' especially appealing to me to know which plugins a favorite website uses.

You can find a few ways to find the plugins used in a WordPress blogs but there is no way to know the full listing until the plugins directory of that blogs is public or you have the FTP credentials. However, there are still a few workarounds to get this listing of plugins.

Find out which WordPress topic is used by a blogs. Kali OS can be installed on your system with Parallels or VMware. The following Terminal for Kali commands allow you to perform a scanning of any WordPress site. This is the results of one of my pages after using the commands "WPScan":

It is also useful to find weaknesses on any WordPress site (including yours). Using the WMmeDetector, use WordPress to find WordPress plug-ins: You can also use the same tools we use to find topics to find the plugin lists. Of the over 30 plugins I use in my blogs (you can see the full listing here), this free plugin has recognized 8 plugins.

This is the recognized plugins list: I' m a little uncertain why it recognized the last one (OptinMonster), because I don't use a Facebook-like User Interface plug-in. I' m actually using Facebook stuff to put a similar checkbox, but whatever, that's OK since this utility recognized the same plug-in for almost every other blogs I was looking for.

Finding plugins with Google search: That' what I call a fast hack and it might not work for favorite WordPress bloggers as they already have key safety setups. Google lets you find the plugins they use on their website for many bloggers who have not disabled their WP contents folders.

Just browse Google with this query: Surprisingly, one of my journals lists all his plugins: When you see this for your weblog, you can sign in to your Google Webmaster utility and delete the Wp-content/plugins/ folder from your weblog. It is another technique that works most of the times, especially when someone is using a premier topic.

Either you can see something like */added by plugin name/* or you can look for "wp-content/plugins/" in the sources to see the plugins lists. In this way you can at least find the name of many plugins that are used by every WordPress website on the planet. From time to time I use these techniques for WordPress blogging to find new plugins that might be of interest to me.

Hopefully this tutorial has help you find some new plugins that use some of your favourite WordPress pages. So if you know another way to find out which plugins are used by a website, let me know about the comment. Don't miss to join this posting on Facebook, Twitter and telegrams!

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