What is

Which is used interactively as a query for specified information: Well, what's the trouble? Used dubiously to ask about characters, professions, etc. So what's he doing? (used questionably to ask about background, identities, etc.) Who are these bird species?

(Used questionably to ask about the value, utility, power, or meaning of something):

Without a friend, what is richness? (questionably used to require a repeat of words or information that are not fully comprehended, usually used in elliptic constructions): Do you need what? (used questioningly to ask the cause or intent of something, usually used in elliptic constructions): She is the one who said it to me. The real natures or identities of something or the total of its characteristics: a talk about the things and ways of following crops.

Used questionably before nouns: What do you need? To what level? How much? What does it matter? What does it mean? Why, for what cause or for what cause? Why? Old use. as much as; as far as: He does what he can. but what, informally. but that; but who; who or what... not:

What are you saying? Former use: Informal. A penalty or insult wound: There' s a young lady who has what it needs to find her way around the globe. What is that, informal. It'?s high season you tell him what is what, the contracting of what is or what has:

What the hell is going on? What has been done? Strength of what does: What does she occupy herself with professionally? With a substantive to request further information about the identities or categorizations of something, what does he do professionally? What good books do you have? What about what you think, know, touch, etc. what it is? For what reason? Why? What would it do if? What distinction would it make? What would it do? What doesn't matter? Informally, don't you think? Do you disagree? Great parties, what? pro.

What it is called for "unspecified person" is documented from the 1690s; the version whichsisface was first introduced in 1967. What the hell is this? "In 1881, what happened here?" Was first written down. What do you take me for? What about it? See also: or what? Where is the meat? Edited by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers.

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