What's Squarespace

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace service uses pre-built website templates and drag and drop elements to create web pages. With Squarespace, you have a good choice of beautifully designed templates that will immediately attract attention - that's what your website should do. Receive quick facts on Squarespace.

Getting Started with Squarespace Commerce - Squarespace Help

The Squarespace commerce is a series of functions for the sale of goods and the management of orders on-line. Through the connection of a payments provider, you can handle your payments by using your own bank account, PayPal, make reimbursements and get gifts. Using specially developed on-line trading template, you can make eye-catching product arrangments, boost your sale and more.

Trade and payments processing agents are prime functions available in the latest website business plans and higher: If you are new to e-commerce or an seasoned merchant, these guidelines will help you get to know Squarespace Commerce. Build new product or bring in stock from another trading system, then join a payments provider and get your shop up and running.

Introducing Commerce Video Series is a series of video tours through the Commerce Series. Please check out our Commerce FAQ for frequently asked question. Check if the trade is available for your state. Find out which method of payments you can use with our Stripe and PayPal payments processing systems. When you switch from another trading system, you can easily bring in Big Cartel, Etsy or Shopify items.

It is also possible to export a .csv file. Establish appropriate business taxation levels, which include value added taxes or GST. Join a payments provider to start the sale of your product. Easily create your own shop by simply attaching a product to a product page and then creating variations, pictures and other customized items. On-line sales begin with the addition of items to your shop.

Sales of tangible, intangible and services related goods. Modify a product to include more information or modify the preview picture. Organise your product with tag and category or move them between product pages. Product always links to your product page. Squarespace's online and offline merchandising solutions can help you attract and engage your clients.

Generate rebates, quote sales prizes, and then advertise stores with an Announce toolbar. When you are in the Commerce Advanced plans, you can contact Abandoned checkout recovery with clients who have not completed the check-out. As soon as you have received an order, you can execute it via the back end of your website and inform your clients about the status of their order.

In order to better understanding how your customer purchases your product, we suggest that you perform a trial order. Keep in contact with your clients by customising your business e-mail alerts. Squarespace Analytics gives you a clear view of your visitors' behaviour and turnover. Configure your Commerce Basic and Commerce Advance plan with Configure Commerce Analytics.

You will find further trade manuals in the menu on the right.

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