What's that Wordpress Theme

What is the Wordpress theme?

You can change, manage, and add topics in the WordPress administration area under Appearance " Topics. A WordPress topic? One of a three-part episode that deals with WordPress topics, what they are and how to decide. When you are new to WordPress and you are not sure what all this geish-language means, wait and I will tell you. We begin by examining what a WordPress theme is and what it does on your WordPress page.

So what does the subject mean? The first is the demarcation of a subject, according to the Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary: Let us examine the second of these definitions, B. By its very nature, a subject is an identifiable characteristic that distinguishes it from the others. Halloween, for example, is a theme for a celebration that distinguishes it from a normal celebration.

Topic is a term or theme that lasts during a presentation, meeting, or theme. Then what is a WordPress topic? First let's begin with what WordPress is. WordPress, out of the box, doesn't look pretty. Your WordPress page's front page, when it is first loaded, is easy, straightforward and rather tedious.

This is because the design pre-installed with WordPress is very easy, straightforward and dull. Yes, it's quick to respond and yes, it looks smoother than most 90' web sites. That is the theme of the theme: easy. That'?s not really how we want our website, is it? You' re changing your design.

However, the back end of your website, the place that gives you the most control, still looks that way: This is what a WordPress theme does. The WordPress application changes the aesthetics of your website, the theme of your website, without altering the key features of WordPress that we all appreciate and like.

Sometimes we think of topics as the design eye through which you show your contents, or as the clothing your website is wearing. Now, some of you who have WordPress experiences might say: Well, when you switch the subject, it happens sometimes. We' ll talk in a later posting about how you can securely modify your topic.

The point is, all your contents are there. Your photos, graphics, links and other contents are all in the same place in your WordPress data base. You don't have to recreate all your contents from the ground up. If you want, you can switch the clothing on your website 100x.

This is a big benefit for some folks who are trapped in obsolete website frameworks with little uptime. Topics determine what your WordPress website looks like. It can be seen as the hide of your website, or the look and feeling of your website, it is the feast for the eyes that you are hoping website users ooh and ahhh about.

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